‘You cannot live here’ Expats explain issue with life in Singapore

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The Internations Expat Insider survey asked expats around the world to rank their home based on several important factors. When it came to Singapore, there were a couple of factors people found difficult.

Although many of the expats said they did have enough disposable income to enjoy life in Singapore, over half found it expensive.

One expat said: “It is expensive. Without the right job, you cannot live here.”

Housing in Singapore can be very pricey and the vast majority of expats live in apartments, which can be very small.

Singapore’s healthcare was judged to be good quality but almost 40 percent of expats thought it was unaffordable.

Despite the cost of living, many expats enjoy high salaries in Singapore with over half of those surveyed saying they earned £84,000 or more.

While some costs might be high, public transport and food are reasonably priced in Singapore.

Public transport was rated highly by the surveyed expats with one saying there was “easy access” to transport.

Many Singaporeans eat out regularly and Singapore city has a huge range of food courts to explore.

Singapore is renowned for its seafood and many tourists rush to try the country’s chilli or black pepper crab.

The country was ranked as one of the safest worldwide and an incredible 99 percent of expats felt safe there.

Violent crime is very rare in Singapore and even pickpocketing and theft are very unusual in the Asian country.

However, over half of the expats surveyed felt they weren’t able to express themselves openly in Singaporean society.

Singapore’s expat communities often live in neighbourhoods, with some opting to live just outside the central business district.

Sentosa is known for its luxury housing and is an island resort located off Singapore’s southern coast.

Apartments are often fairly small and don’t come with much living space but may have shared communal facilities.

Some apartment blocks even have a swimming pool or gym for residents to use free of charge.

Expats were very impressed with the speed of administration in Singapore and the majority found it easy to deal with the local authorities.

Around four in five expats said they had found it easy to open a bank account in Singapore, much higher than the global average.

One expat said they enjoyed the “fast, organised online services for many administrative purposes.”

Many of the expats enjoyed high speed internet at home and thought it was easy to handle bureaucracy online.

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