You can walk on an airport runway that’s a road crossing – and watch planes land

Walking out of an airport isn't a particularly exciting experience, other than the fact that you've arrived on holiday of course.

However, there's one runway where holidaymakers will be instantly treated to a memorable experience – and brilliant photo opp in the process.

That's because tourists who arrive at Gibraltar International Airport will get to walk across the airport's runway.

The runway actually crosses over the main road, meaning both pedestrians and cars can use it just like any other normal road crossing.

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Except that at this one, when you're waiting at the red light you'll be able to watch planes landing right above your head!

Upon arrival, travellers need to cross the airport's runway to reach the main city and attractions.

According to the airport's website, "visitors are often surprised that they are walking across the runway they had just landed on only minutes before".

Unsurprisingly, it's a popular spot for selfies and group photos especially as there are direct views of the iconic Rock of Gibraltar.

However authorities do warn passengers to "remember the area is an active runway". To make sure it's as safe as possible, police offers are on hand to help organise traffic and pedestrians.

Oh, and you'll want to keep hold of your belongings – when planes take off and land it can cause a strong gust of wind.

The airport warns: "Check your pockets! Don’t let your valuables fall out in the wind. Close your pockets if you can."

Holidaymakers are also urged to avoid littering in the area for more than just environmental reasons.

Authorities warn: "Please do not drop litter – litter entering aircraft engines can cause serious damage."

While the runway isn't new, it never fails to be a hit with tourists who arrive and discover the novel experience.

One user on Reddit wrote: "I've walked this road a few times! I was in Spain for business a few years back and we went to Gibraltar a few times to go eat/drink.

"People asking about having access to the runway, if I recall when the road was open, they had guards standing on the roadway so you couldn't necessarily go down the runway."

Another added: "I drove across this road before! It's very cool."

"It's pretty weird," one user admitted, adding: "I was at the front of the queue and when you go across there is something a plane waiting to go so it's pretty cool aswell."


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