World’s most frequent flyer always follows three travel tips for ‘free stuff’

Tom Stuker, 69 from New Jersey (@ua1flyer on Instagram), earned the impressive title by accumulating a staggering 23 million air miles throughout his life.

Having spent entire days travelling on planes, the self-proclaimed globetrotter claims to have cracked the code for getting the best seat, keeping luggage safe, and securing a range of in-flight freebies.

The US traveller had been working on his world-renowned status since 1990 when he purchased a lifetime pass with United Airlines for $290,000 (£22,743.40).

Since then, Tom has travelled in seat 1B on almost every flight as he reaped the benefits of his unlimited first-class travel pass.

Now somewhat of an expert at travelling by plane, the father-of-two has shared his wisdom with other passengers heading overseas.

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His first rule of travelling is for passengers to schmooze the airline staff by acting as if they are already acquainted with them.

Speaking to the Washington Post, the married man admitted that he “always” pretends to know the flight attendants on the aircraft.

However, he doesn’t just pick out any crew member. It is always “the first one he sees” when boarding the plane, as they are most likely to be the head attendant.

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The avid traveller’s favourite saying to use on crew members is: “I remember you! You gave us such great service last time. I wanted to thank you again.”‘

And even if he has never met them, Tom claimed that the cheerful greeting is a surefire way to get “all kinds of free stuff”.

Of course, the “VIP treatment” given by flattered plane staff may vary, but for the experienced passenger, it seemed to work on United Airlines.

The jet-setter’s second tip was to bag the best seat on the plane by using a seat map app.

Tom urged passengers who can’t book their desired seat to check the app while boarding the aircraft to seek out any last-minute vacancies.

He claimed that cabin crew “won’t care” if empty seats are filled by paying passengers, so they are effectively free to take as an upgrade if they’re better than the one they have already been allocated.

The 69-year-old is just as savvy when it comes to what he travels with too. So when it comes to checking in, Tom avoids checked luggage at all costs.

Instead, he takes a single cabin bag to save “precious time” when he departs the aircraft, and also to keep a close eye on his belongings during his many hours of flights.

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