Woman loses £2k after being turned away at Ryanair for Brexit rule most people don’t know

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A woman lost £2000 in accommodation, hotel and flights after she was turned away at a Ryanair check-in desk for one small Brexit rule many travellers aren’t aware of.

A woman was jetting off to Mallorca for a family holiday last month.

However, she ended up having to abandon her family as she was rejected at the Ryanair check-in desk.

This was because of a new Brexit rule which many travellers are not aware of regarding the validity of the passport.

This is an issue many holidaymakers have encountered this last year.

After the Brexit deal on December 31, 2020, the old requirement that the passport had to be valid in order to travel in the Schengen zone was changed.

Now, the passport has to have at least three months validity beyond the day you plan to travel.

However, it gets more complicated than that and here is where travellers are having major issues.

The UK issues passports for a total of 10 years.

When looking at the passport’s expiry date, Britons may think it is valid for travel until three months before the end of the 10 years.

But for the EU, however, it stops being valid nine years and nine months after it was issued.

This would be a completely different date.

Therefore, if a travellers’ passport has four months validity to play with, they won’t be allowed to travel when presented at check-in desk.

The traveller who missed out on her Mallorca holiday said Ryanair didn’t do enough to make her aware of the current rules.

It is the passenger’s responsibility, however, to make sure they comply with requirements in order to fly.

Ryanair commented on the matter. 

“Ryanair complies with all European Commission travel regulations.

“Passengers travelling between the EU and the UK after the end of the transition period must have a passport that is not valid for more than 10 years.

“It is each passenger’s responsibility to check the travel rules and country-specific requirements before travelling.

“These T&C’s are available on Ryanair.com.”

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