Will Spain be added to amber watchlist? Holidays under threat

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Spain is currently on the Government’s “amber” travel list. The list contains the bulk of countries across the three traffic light designations, with limited Covid measures. Places on the Government’s lists aren’t permanent, and growing caseloads could see them shifted elsewhere.

Will the Government place Spain on the amber watchlist?

At present, Spain and its constituent islands reside on the amber list.

Rules attached to the category mean people can visit without quarantine, provided they have both Covid jabs.

Those without a complete dosage will have to spend ten days in isolation on their return.

The country’s current status is at risk, however, as Spanish authorities are recording tens of thousands of daily Covid cases.

Data from July 28 showed 27,149 new cases, with a seven-day average of 25,126.

These figures are testing officials in the UK, who may consider moving the country to an amber “watchlist”.

Speaking today, foreign secretary Dominic Raab refused to rule out the possible move.

Speaking to Sky News this morning, he said he hoped more countries could enter the green and amber lists following a review next week.

But he said he “can’t rule out” any plans to create a new watchlist for at-risk nations.

Ministers introduced the green watchlist last month to act as a halfway designation for countries with rising infection rates.

Destinations on that watchlist could move to the amber list at any time.

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Mr Raab said the decision to introduce one for the amber list is up to the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), which guides policy in this area.

He told Kay Burley he can’t rule things “that the JBC and Government will decide” but added a decision for other nations would come next week.

The minister did open up on the current direction of holiday making policies in England, which he said is “positive”.

Mr Raab also said the UK is now approaching 70 percent double vaccination, giving Brits additional protection when on holidays in potentially risky nations.

He said as other countries “catch up”, they would move either to “amber or onto green”.

The Government is due to make its next list decision on August 4 or 5.

Of the three Government lists, the red category is the only one with significant restrictions.

People cannot enter the UK if they have recently travelled through a red-listed destination unless they have British and Irish citizenship or residence rights.

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