Why travel is still safe for Kiwis, and where to holiday in 2020

A big year…

As we enter the third month of 2020, it’s hard to believe how much has happened this year already… and so much of it things that might negatively impact your desire to travel.

We began with Australian bushfires and increased tensions between Iran and America; since then we’ve had Brexit in Britain, sandstorms in Europe, earthquakes in Turkey, floods in Brazil and, of course, the ongoing worry surrounding Coronavirus.

Add to that a stunning New Zealand summer and it’s enough to make you never want to leave the country again.

But before you rip up your passport, wait… there are still so many reasons to travel, and so many places in the world to see. This issue, we want to reignite your passion for travel, and remind you there’s a big world out there, waiting to be discovered.

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