When pavements and cycle paths amaze, shock and amuse

Take a walk on the wacky side! When pavements and cycle paths amaze, shock and amuse – from 3D art to hilariously woeful repairs

  • MailOnline Travel has scoured the globe for some of the wackiest walkways
  • One 3D artist created a piece of street art turning a path into a gaping crevasse
  • Disconnected paving slabs and poorly placed telephone poles also make the cut

Pavements and cycle paths don’t often shock or amuse – which makes the ones pictured here all the more noteworthy.

Some are facepalm-inducing construction fails.

There’s the telephone pole in the middle of a sidewalk in Kentucky, woefully mismatched paving slabs and concrete paths that don’t line up.

We also present hilarious signage for cyclists and dog walkers.

And astonishing 3D street art from German Edgar Mueller, who painted a terrifying chasm on a promenade in Ireland.

Wind your way down for a bemusing stroll along some of the world’s wackiest walkways… 

A match made in… Imgur user trololbaus sarcastically described this as an example of ‘impeccable sidewalk repair’

Super-soaker: Negotiating this pathway requires nimble moves to avoid getting wet

Warning sign: At least cyclists are given a heads-up about this poorly placed pole

Arboriculturists will no doubt be looking at this picture through their fingers 

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Inept fence placement – or a deliberate two fingers to pedestrians? It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out

Bad call: Flickr user Sidewalk Sam spotted this poorly positioned telephone pole in Louisville, Kentucky 

Mind the gap! German artist Edgar Mueller created this impressive 3D piece of street art for the Festival of culture in Ireland in 2008 

If the sidewalk is indeed closed, this is an altogether bizarre way of indicating it 

Some commenters have described this disconnected path as an ‘architectural horror’

Ready, set… stop: These ill-placed sidewalk signs aren’t very helpful for dog walkers 

All an illusion: A man seemingly takes a ride in a bicycle basket with a reptile in the city of Almere in the Netherlands

An anonymous artist known as ‘Bored’ created a life-size version of Monopoly in the streets of Chicago in 2012

Tired of walking? Stretch your legs and take in the view… oh

This path, location unknown (but apparently somewhere in Russia) has the added bonus of taking walkers straight through a basketball match

A bin in need of rescuing… Clearly moving this trash can was somebody else’s job, and they never turned up

A horrible cycle patch for cyclists – unless they’re freestyle BMX-ers

Paw-sing for thought: A quartet of cats have claimed this walkway as their own

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