When is the next traffic light travel update? Five countries that could turn green

Boris Johnson urges ‘patience’ over travel restrictions

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The Government’s traffic light system for travel has allowed international holidays to return while taking into account the varying coronavirus situation in countries around the world. Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps previously said the colour-coded lists would be updated every “three weeks”.

Although there is no certainty over which countries will be recategorised, experts have begun to use their knowledge from previous updates to predict which countries could see rule changes.

Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency, believes there could be around five new additions to the green list at the next update.

When will the next update be?

The last travel update from the Government was issued on August 4, 2021.

In line with the expectation, the traffic light system will be updated every three weeks, the next announcement will likely be on or around Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

Updates normally occur on a Wednesday or Thursday, however, it normally takes a few days for the rules to come into force.

Following the update in early August, the traffic light changes did not come into action until Sunday, August 8.

Therefore, following the next review, changes are likely to occur until Sunday, August 29, 2021.

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What does each of the traffic light colours mean?

The traffic light system categorises countries as “green”, “amber” or “red” based on a number of criteria including:

  • The rate of Covid cases in the country at that time
  • The percentage of the population which has been vaccinated
  • The risk from new variants

Green list countries are exempted from quarantine rules. This means both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers can enter the UK from these destinations without having to self-isolate at home.

They will, however, be required to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on day two of their arrival in the UK.

Rules for amber list arrivals depend on whether or not they have been vaccinated. Travellers who have been inoculated with a vaccine administered and approved by the UK, European Union (EU) or the US are able to side-step quarantine. They are subject to the same testing rules as green list countries.

Unvaccinated arrivals must self-isolate for 10 days upon their return and take an additional PCR test on day eight of their quarantine.

Red list countries, meanwhile, face a tough travel ban. Only UK or Irish citizens or permanent residents are permitted to enter the country.

They must then quarantine in a Government-approved hotel at their own expense.

This period lasts for 10 days (11 nights) and includes testing throughout.

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Which countries are most likely to turn green?

Traffic light changes are never confirmed until the official announcement from the Department of Transport.

However, that doesn’t stop experts from using their insider knowledge to predict which countries are most likely to move categorises.

Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency, has predicted around five countries could go green based on their Covid cases and vaccine rollout.

According to the PC Agency’s analysis Poland, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic and Lithuania are all key contenders for the green list.

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