‘Weedly Wonka’ shop opens to tourists with beer, bongs and bud baristas

There are plenty of unusual shops in the world from a sex shop in Hull to one man’s attempt to sell Class A drugs in Canada.

But, some travel hotspots are more likely to have unusual sites than other.

Patong Bay, Phuket, in Thailand, is one such place that caters to partygoers looking to get wild.

The Thai city is filled with big nightclubs with international DJs, go-go bars filled with dangers and even sex clubs.

Now, Phuket also has a new bizarre cannabis shop that looks to get its sky-high clients feeling truly wavy.

The hilariously named Weedly Wonka – inspired by Roald Dhal’s bonkers chocolate maker – is a cannabis dispensary.

It sits in the heard of Patong Beach and is difficult to miss when you walk down the street.

The new weed shop is a bright fuschia colour with a massive statue of Weedly Wonka himself attached to the exterior.

The walls and windows themselves seem to lean and stretch in a strange design that’s sure to make anyone who partakes of their wares feel all the more affected.

The dispensary reportedly offers comfy places to sit, chilled drinks to slake your third and air conditioning to keep you cool.

All this means that those who wander into the shop can enjoy a beer and a joint at the same time…

The founders of Weedly Wonka have made the building a unique attraction and inside there are vibrant colours, fun graphics and merchandise to buy.

They offer everything from cannabis itself to bongs, pipes, papers and tips, edibles, weed concentrates and sweets.

Plus, the “bud tenders” who work there will apparently help you choose your perfect joint by tailoring it to the effect you want to feel, smell and taste plus explain the best ways to try it.

According to the UK Foreign Office, there are still strict laws around cannabis in Thailand.

In its travel advice the government warns: "Thailand has strict laws against drug use, possession, and trafficking. Possession of even small quantities of illegal substances can lead to heavy fines or imprisonment, and possession of Class A drugs can lead to the death penalty.

"As of 9 June 2022, private recreational use of cannabis is legal if THC content is below 0.2% by weight, but cannabis use in public places remains illegal. Cultivation, consumption, distribution and sales of cannabis products is legal, although some restrictions remain in place – you should check with the relevant local authorities if you are unsure. More information on usage and registration can be found on PR Thai Government."

Cannabis is illegal in the UK and is considered a Class B drug, according to gov.uk.

This means it carries a sentence of up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine – or both – if you are found possessing it.

If you’re caught with a small amount of cannabis on the street police may issue a warning or can hand you an immediate £90 fine.

Those found to be supplying cannabis can receive up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

You should never attempt to smuggle cannabis home by any mode of transport.

However, in 2022 Thailand decriminalised cannabis and made medical marijuana legal for medical and culinary uses.


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