WATCH: Shocking moment male plane passenger rubs this on seat in disgusting viral video

Flights often mark the exciting start to a holiday but sadly the behaviour of other passengers can affect one’s enjoyment of the trip. Some fliers can display some pretty outrageous behaviour while travelling. One man was captured doing something unpleasant – and his actions have gone viral.


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The clip was shared on Instagram by account Gnarstypoepole.

It captured the man as he sat in his plane seat.

However, rather than sitting there fully-clothed, the man has decided to remove some items of attire.

The flier has taken off both his shoes and his socks.

Consequently, his feet are totally bare – despite the fact he is in close proximity to a number of other people in the cabin.

The man has gone far beyond just sitting there with bare feet, though.

He has proceeded to rest his right foot on his left leg so his toes touch the seat in front.

Yet again, the plane passenger has gone one step further.

He can be seen rubbing his bare toes on the edge of the armrest.

It is as though he is slotting the piece of plastic between his big toe and second toe.

Meanwhile, his other bare foot rests partly on the floor.


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The video came with the caption: “Update: he’s rubbing them EVERYWHERE.”

Not only are the man’s actions disgusting for others to witness he’s also potentially bringing himself into contact with dirt and nasties.

An anonymous cabin crew member previously on Reddit posted that travellers should be aware of how unclean the plane floor is.

They also cautioned that passengers should never walk around the plane cabin in bare feet.

The reason is because you never know what you might step in.

“[We wish we could tell you] just how dirty the floor is,” another flight attendant posted on knowledge-sharing site Quora.

“We think it’s disgusting when you do not wear shoes into the lav (bathroom).”

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