WATCH: Plane passenger dubbed ‘nasty’ for ‘germ’ spreading behaviour on flight

Air travel is currently on hold for the majority of the world, as governments and medical professionals work to get a grip on the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Yet, it seems all manner of passenger behaviours on flights have been shamed for their assistance in spreading germs.


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A video of one man’s behaviour on a flight sparked controversy amongst fellow fliers, who were outraged at his decision.

Some even described the man as lacking in “self-awareness”.A video filmed by the passenger sitting beside him shows the lower half of the man.

Luckily, his face is hidden, meaning he has not been named and shamed for his foul move.

The man, dressed in beige shorts, has removed both his shoes and socks.

He has one leg crossed on top of the other so that he is able to reach his feet.

The sound of clippers working in tandem with his hand movements suggests he is clipping his toenails.

To make matters worse, he appears to be letting his freshly cut nails drop to the ground.

The video was posted to Instagram account @PassengerShaming and has collected 791 comments at the time of writing.

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A caption accompanying the post reads: “For those lacking self-awareness: PLEASE DON’T CLIP YOUR TOENAILS ON AN AIRPLANE.

“1. You are not the only person on the aircraft.

“2. Said nail clippings could end up in your neighbour’s meal, beverage or eyeball.

“3. The word PERSONAL in ‘personal grooming’ is there for a reason.”


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One Instagram user was concerned about the impact this behaviour would have on spreading “germs”.

They wrote: “Nasty, nail clippers and chips on nails on the floor. Germs.

“Nasty feet on nasty floor.”

A second user chimed in, writing: “No way…this is so gross.

“Can’t believe someone would do that on a plane.”

A third vented: “Make yourself comfortable during the flight ’does NOT mean you get to display various methods of your personal hygiene!

“Save clipping your toenails and toe fungal rot for that special someone who is either is blind or dense enough to not notice!

“We don’t need to get ‘shanked’ with one of your Talon Shards..”

Others were more concerned with how the travellers managed to get the sharp nail clippers through security in his hand luggage.

“What happened to the good old days when nail clippers were a banned item on a flight….*sigh* Let’s go back to that, shall we?” commented one user.

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