Watch Curious Penguins Take Over Cape Town During COVID-19 Lockdown

South African penguins recently donned their tuxedos for a day on a town.

Apple TV's new documentary, The Year Earth Changed, narrated by David Attenborough, explores how nature responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. People has a sneak peek at one of the more adorable animal reactions captured for the upcoming film.

In the clip above, African penguins take to the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, after the capital city's COVID-19 lockdown left its streets empty of humans. The footage shows the birds waddling past closed cafes and quiet neighborhoods, seemingly enjoying having the rule of the roost.

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Tourists usually flock to Cape Town to get a look at these penguins but often only catch sight of the birds by the water. Before the pandemic, the penguins purposefully waited until night to do most of their traveling, but the city's COVID-19 lockdown allowed the birds more room to roam in the middle of the day.

As a result, penguin parents were able to gather more food for their chicks, and in some cases, raise more chicks because of their new access to resources. This is just one of the extraordinary ways nature responded to the pandemic captured in The Year Earth Changed.

Apple TV+'s "The Year Earth Changed" premieres Friday, April 16th, along with the second seasons of "Tiny World" and "Earth at Night in Color."

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