‘Unhinged’ man uses hotel room’s coffee machine to cook raw chicken and butter

A man has horrified social media users after revealing that he put raw chicken in a hotel coffee machine to make dinner.

The worker, known as Alexander C, shared a post on LinkedIn detailing his recipe and method.

A Twitter user discovered the post and shared it on calling the idea “unhinged”.

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In the LinkedIn post, keen money saver Alexander revealed he’d stuffed a chicken breast alongside butter and garlic in the coffee machine.

He said: “I’m travelling for work and instead of eating a fancy dinner out, I’ve decided to cook a cheaper meal in the hotel room.

“Even though the hotel room didn’t have a kitchen, I managed to use the coffee machine to cook chicken with butter and garlic.

“Although my company allows me to expense dinner while travelling, I wanted to save money because I know that every dollar counts.

“It’s the little things that get you promoted.”

Now, we’re sure you’re reeling just like we are at the idea of plain chicken cooked in a communal coffee machine…

Emily, who shared the post on her Twitter captioned the screenshot: “LinkedIn really flies under the radar as the social media platform that’s absolutely the most unhinged.”

Thousands of people were equally grossed out by the idea – the post racked up 264k likes and 25k retweets.

One commenter said: “I am fairly certain for the amount he spend on these ingredients he could have just bought himself a hot dog or two and reduced his chance of food poisoning from 100% to 50%.”

“Promoted to being a weirdo, that’s what,” another said.

While a third wrote: “Can we normalize not ever doing that, and not justifying that it is being done to get a raise???!”

An industry worker added their two cents and said: “In a past life I ran a small hotel, people doing this was literally the worst – more people do it than you’d think.

“Not to mention people sterilising needles, underwear all sorts of crazy sh**.”

Another poster horrified Twitter users further and said: “A friend worked at a hotel in Italy a few years back. He was cleaning a bathroom after a particular coach tour when he noticed a crust around the inside of the bidet.

“The guests had used it to make noodles.”

Thankfully, it seems as though Alexander may be joking about using the hotel’s coffee maker.

One person commented: “Alex does this to make fun of grindset hustle whatever weirdo corporate people on LinkedIn. He's brilliant.”

We really hope this is the case as there have been people who fully admit to cooking in hotel kettles.

Earlier this year, an anonymous holidaymaker shared a photo of his post-festival meal of beef strips poached in a coffee maker on Reddit.

He titled the image, “Hotel Coffee Maker Poached Beef Strips After Music Festival”.

In the image, half cooked strips of beef floated in the water inside the coffee maker’s drawer.

Makes you never want to drink a cuppa in a hotel again.


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