UK holidays: Experts reveals best ways to save money on a staycation this year

UK holidays are much-loved by many Britons thanks to the relative ease of such a trip. Staycations can be pretty cheap as flights can generally be avoided and nor is any money lost in changing currency. However, costs can still add up if you’re not careful. spoke to community classifieds platform Gumtree about how to save money on staycations.

Hannah Rouch, from Gumtree, said: “Whilst this summer has not gone as we all might have planned, that hasn’t stopped holiday hungry Brits from splashing the cash on staycations.

“However, the spike in searches for tents, camping kit, campervans, caravans on the Gumtree site shows people are looking to save by going second-hand for their staycation essentials, proving that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great getaway this year.”

Rouch shared three tops tips for money saving.

Opt for a campervan or camping holiday

Campervans offer the ability to remain relatively isolated and self-sufficient, the freedom of the great outdoors and the flexibility to go wherever you like, whenever you like.

You can hire them by the day but, if you really take to this holiday style, you might want to invest in your own so you can cash in on summer holidays to come.

Gumtree has more than 2,000 campervan and motorhome related listings plus second-hand tents and camping kit.

Do keep in mind running costs, particularly if you’re planning a hefty road trip, though.

New research from Gumtree has revealed that 9.2 million Brits (18 percent) are leaving behind traditional hotels and holiday rentals in favour of more flexible caravanning or camping trips.

What’s more, Gumtree data which has seen marked increases in searches for motorhomes (+51 percent), caravans (+33 percent) and campervans (+43 percent).

Try to buy second-hand travel accessories and entertainment

A lot of the accessories and entertainment you get for a holiday will likely not be put to use again until the following summer.

Let’s face it, there’s only so much use a bucket and spade can be.

Consequently, if you want to save the pennies, it’s arguably not worth buying them brand new, so consider looking to purchase second-hand items.

There are plenty of great quality pre-loved options up for grabs, especially towards the end of the summer as people look to pass things on to a good home.

Plus if you’re thinking about trying out a new hobby, you can get a real flavour of most things at a fraction of the full retail cost.

Get to know the community

You can spend lots of time researching but nothing beats asking the locals for their recommendations of the best value eateries and experiences.

Whilst researching ahead of time may prove effective, seeking out community sites and local focal points to find out more about what’s on offer is always the best way to go, you may even find things for free.

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