Turkey weather: When is the best time to book a holiday? Hottest and sunniest months named

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Turkey’s popularity as a holiday destination has rapidly soared in recent years, with pre-pandemic tourism figures soaring to 2.29 million trips from the UK in 2019. With travel rules relaxing around the world, and the recent decision to axe testing for double-jabbed arrivals in the UK, many Britons are looking ahead to their next overseas adventure.

However, the “best” time of the year to visit Turkey largely depends on your preference.

The nation heralds in sizzling highs of 49C recorded just last year.

But, for those who prefer milder temperatures, there are also some cooler months – though certainly never cold.

When is the best month to book your next holiday to Turkey?

The best month for sun-seekers

Slap bang in the middle of summer, July and August are Turkey’s driest months, meaning the most opportunities to bask in the sunshine.

Though temperatures vary across the country, with coastal regions promising slightly cooler temperatures than inland, sunshine hours average out at around 10 hours per day in the midsummer months.

July and August also offer average highs of 29C.

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The best month for the hottest temperatures

As you might expect, the summer months are also those boasting the warmest temperatures.

July and August see average highs of 29C, while July and September’s highs tend to sit at around 26C.

Though coastal regions are generally milder than inland, the coast of the Black Sea is often cooler than that of the Mediterranean.

In the summer, this is still more than warm enough to spend a day toasting on the shoreline.

The best month for mild weather

One of the draws of Turkey is the opportunity for winter sun escapes.

In October, temperatures remain warm, with average highs of approximately 21C.

These highs drop to 16C in November and 12 C in December.

Though you may need to pack a cardigan or light jacket, this weather is ideal for those who want to explore some of Turkey’s historic cities and stunning landscapes.

The wettest month is January, with 72 mm of rain over four days, and an average high of 9C.

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The best month to beat the crowds

During the school holidays, tourism tends to peak across Turkey.

For holidaymakers looking for a slower-paced, quiet escape, the winter can provide the ideal time.

Shoulder seasons April through to May and mid-September through to mid-November are some of the quietest times in Turkey’s resorts, while still promising blue skies and pleasant temperatures.

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