Trip stacking and switching: Two advisors share their stories

As we’ve heard time and again from travel agencies on the Folo podcast, travel advisors have been working overtime on Plan B … or Plan C or D … to get their travelers on the road. One catchphrase that has cropped up recently is “trip stacking,” where travelers will plan two trips simultaneously, in the hopes that at least one of them will take off as planned. But advisors have also become experts in other styles of pivots: trip switching, substituting and rescheduling.

In this episode acting retail editor Christina Jelski and host Rebecca Tobin talk with Amina Dearmon, the owner of Perspectives Travel, and Sylvia Lebovitch, the president of SL Travel Advisors, about perfecting the travel pivot, how they talk with travelers about options, real-life examples of trip saves and how they’ve found the silver lining.

This episode was recorded Oct. 1 and has been edited for length and clarity.

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