Travel is a ‘necessity’: A fifth of Britons defied Government by jetting off last year

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Holidaying Britons have been defying the Government last year by taking trips overseas. Research released by World Travel Market London in its WTM Industry Report was conducted by asking 1,000 Britons about their travelling last year.

One in five Britons defied warnings by the Government to stay at home last year.

Taking a holiday of a week or more, 21 percent of Britons headed overseas during the pandemic.

While the Government and experts repeatedly plead with the country to stay put and not go overseas, a surprisingly high number of Britons didn’t seem to worry about Covid and went on holidays.

Four percent of Britons took an overseas trip and a UK holiday.

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While 29 percent only took a holiday in the UK.

However, the report also highlighted the fact 51 percent of Britons did not go on holiday at all within the last year.

The report comes at a time where travel has reopened completely.

The last 18 months saw warnings and restrictions imposed by the Government limit the possibility of travel for most of the country.

The Government repeatedly asked Britons to stay at home, amid fears of the spreading virus.

Covid tests, changing restrictions, traffic light systems and Government announcements did not deter a fifth of Britons from a holiday.

WTM London exhibition director, Simon Press, said: “The results speak for themselves – the traditional overseas summer holiday is seen by many Britons as a necessity, not a luxury, and few were prepared to give up their seven or 14 days in the sun over the past 12 months because of concerns over Covid.

“That’s despite having to take expensive Covid-19 tests, risk traffic-light changes and go against a barrage of advice from leaders to stay at home.”

Britons may have been determined to go on holiday, but more than half listened to the guidelines and stayed at home.

Half of the country hasn’t had a holiday last year and will be looking to start travelling again now restrictions have all but been lifted.

There are currently no countries on the red list, even if the list itself has not been scrapped.

Countries could still be added to the red list, the Government said, meaning there are still some risks associated with overseas travel.

However, while a fifth of Britons never derailed from their plans, for the rest of the country, the announcement was a signal that the country was going back to some kind of normality.

The WTM report also highlighted seven out of 10 Britons blamed the Government for the “chaos” surrounding travel during the height of the pandemic.

While half of the country only blamed leaders for the travel disruptions, a further fifth also blamed the travel industry and six percent solely blamed the travel industry.

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