Travel expert explains how to keep ‘documents secure’

The team at Sambla shared their top tips to avoid travel scams. They said tourists should “take caution” using ATMs.

Monitor your accounts

A spokesperson said: “It’s important to regularly check your accounts while travelling, especially if you’re using debit or credit cards.

“Make sure that all transactions are legitimate and that no unauthorised charges have been made. If you notice any suspicious activity, contact your bank immediately.”

Tourists should contact their bank immediately if they notice any unusual activity on their card while they’re away.

Securely store your documents

The spokesperson said: “We highly recommend keeping all of your important documents in a secure location.

“This includes your passport, driver’s licence and other forms of identification. If possible, keep these items in a locked suitcase or safe at all times when travelling.

“Alternatively, a money belt is a cheap investment and a great alternative if you’re unable to leave your valuables at the hotel.”

A flat money belt can be easily concealed beneath clothing and is a great way to deter pickpockets.

Some experts recommend keeping a shoe in the hotel safe with a traveller’s important documents.

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Tourists won’t forget to put on shoes when they leave the room so should also remember to take their valuables.

Be aware of scams

A spokesperson said: “When travelling abroad, it’s important to be aware of common scams and fraud schemes.

“Be careful when dealing with strangers and never give out personal information or cash to anyone you don’t know.

“It’s also wise to research potential tourist scams in your destination before travelling so that you can be prepared for any situation.”

Use safety precautions when using ATMs

The spokesperson said: “ATMs can be a great convenience when travelling, but it’s important to take caution when using them.

“Before using an ATM, make sure that it is located in a secure area and that there are no suspicious individuals nearby.

“It’s also a good idea to cover your hand when entering your PIN number to prevent onlookers from seeing it.”

Tourists should cover their PIN in case a scammer is trying to see it over their shoulder as they use the ATM.

Be aware of credit card fees and exchange rates

The spokesperson wanted: “When travelling abroad, it’s important to be aware of any potential fees associated with credit cards and exchange rates.

“Many countries have different policies regarding credit card usage and exchange rates, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with them before departing on your trip.”

It’s a good idea to get a currency card if travellers are planning on spending with the card while they’re away.

When tourists withdraw money from an ATM, they should always do in local currency rather than pounds to avoid being overcharged.

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