Tourists who ‘couldn’t get flat white’ on mountain say it left them ‘distressed’

One of Britain’s highest peaks has made the news this week after a name change.

The mountain formerly known as Snowdon was officially renamed Yr Wyddfa – the Welsh name for the peak.

Meanwhile Snowdonia became Eryri National Park to honour the Welsh language.

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However, it seems that British tourists have long been criticising the mountain which is a popular hiking route and hosts a cafe at the summit.

Over on TripAdvisor some reviews of the mountain may cause readers to giggle as they slate the natural monument’s weather, toilet facilities and even lack of flat white coffees.

One such review rated the stunning mountain one-star.

It said: “Its way too rough and steep. The weather is atrocious and whatever possessed them to put it in Wales? It would be much better in Cornwall.”

We’re not quite sure how one would go about moving a mountain, but admit nobody likes wet and miserable weather.

Another horrified poster was shocked at the coffee options at the summit of the 1085m mountain.

They noted: “I went all the way up and I couldn’t get a flat white at the top. Me and my whole family were very distressed and disappointed by the outcome.”

To which someone replied: “Love reading about the idiots that think it should be sunny or perfect views on top of Snowdon.

“I’m so sorry you can't get a flat white at the top, you numpty. Oh yeah it might get cold and windy so wear clothes to keep you warm!”

A third poster shared some impressive snaps from the top of the mountain.

But, they grumbled: “There are no lavatories for all those who climb up and trek back. People seem to relieve themselves out in the open giving a whiff of urine smell everywhere in this hillside.”

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Another was left tired out after the challenging hike which it seems they didn’t expect of the highest mountain in Wales.

They said: “Did the pyg track there and back. Found the ascent horrific – so exhausting.

“Rubbish views of ugly rocks and a couple lakes sometimes. Would never do it again.”


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