Tourists fume at ‘pile of rocks’ Stonehenge and ‘no giant’ at Giant’s Causeway

Tourists travelling to or around the UK often head over to Wiltshire to see Stonehenge – one of the nation's oldest landmarks.

The prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain attracts more than 800,000 visitors a year.

Many wonder at the enormous rocks and their mystical positioning which have long baffled scientists and historians.

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However, not all visitors are blown away by the 5,000 year old monument even though it marks a civilisation over 1,000 years older than the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

One holidaymaker posted a review saying it was "just a pile of rocks".

Moody customers have been taking to TripAdvisor to leave one-star reviews and voice their opinions over the UK's best loved tourist attractions.

One review said: "It's a pile of rocks, and everyone on the A303 slows down to look at them. Pointless. Save yourself the time and don't go."

While another commented: "Some humdrum old rocks about twice the height of a Mondeo driver."

Another compared the magnificent Stonehenge to "watching paint dry" or a "five hour wait in A&E."

But, negative reviews don't just plague Stonehenge.

Popping up north, one reviewer to Blackpool Pleasure Beach was mightily upset about there being no OAP prices.

They said: "It's a rip off for grannies. Why expect a granny holding coats to pay full price? As if they're going on the Big One."

While some who took up the challenge of hiking Wales' tallest mountain called Snowdon – now named Yr Wyddfa – "too steep".

One said: "What are they thinking? It's way too rough and steep. The weather is atrocious and whatever possessed them to put it in Wales? It would be much better in Cornwall."

A second added: "Poo-down should be it's name, not Snowdon. Can't believe how many people were crouching down having a poo on the way up. Most off putting, can't they go before they climb?"

At the Eden Project – the glorious botanical centre in Cornwall – negative reviews focused on the smell and said people may have more fun "blowing bubbles" in their garden.

One review said: "Grim. The place is rather smelly, just go to your back garden and blow some bubbles. Absolute stinker lads, dead atmosphere."

Plus, a tourist visiting the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland wasn't thrilled with the experience as there were "no giants".

They said: "Just a pile of odd shaped rocks. No giants.

"It positively brims with scenery that loves to be photographed. Although I think the giant is camera shy."

The Angel of the North, just outside of Newcastle, was so hated by one visitor they compared it to a crashing plane.

It said: "The artist is Gormley, more like gormless, a friend of mine visiting from the USA has said it reminded her of a Jumbo Jet with its bum in the ground."

Finally, a tourists who climbed Arthur's Seat – an ancient hill in Edinburgh – was disappointed and thought the name misleading.

They said: "No seat at the top. It's called Arthur's Seat.

"No seat at the top or anyone by the name of Arthur. Total rip.

"If I had paid to go I would have asked for my money back due to false advertising. Luckily it's free."

Another complained at the lack of a Tesco Express and a Starbucks at the top of the hill – we wonder what he wanted to buy.


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