Tourists banned from Ibiza beach ‘indefinitely’ because it’s too dangerous

Ibiza is a popular holiday hotspot with Brits. Not only for its mega parties but also its beautiful beaches and relaxing resorts. However, a popular beach beloved by tourists has now been closed indefinitely.

Holidaymakers are now not permitted to access the beach due to the risk of deadly rockslides. The s’Aigua Blanca has been named a danger to the public after storms and strong waves have battered the shore over the past week, reports The Sun.

The Santa Eulària Town Council claims that the conditions could trigger landslides. As such, you can no longer access the beach and danger warnings have been plastered on barriers leading to the area.

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It’s not the start of the beach’s problems either. Erosion has dragged more and more sand from the beach and even caused fractures in the cliffs surrounding it.

As of last Friday, the landslide warning was issued and tourists are told not to enter the beach. It will remain off-limits for at least the rest of this summer.

The area is reviewed daily as experts check the reducing sand and power of the waves. While the beach has grown a little larger since the conditions have not changed at all.

Erosion at the base of the cliffs, the shrinking boundary between the rocks and the water and the sheer force of the waves mean that rocks from the cliffs could tumble towards the shore harming anyone passing by or sunbathing.

The beach was also closed last summer due to the high risk cliffs. In 2021, two tourists were injured on the beach by falling debris and rocks.

Sadly, it’s not the only beach to suffer this summer. Almost 50 beaches in Spain across Malaga, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Balearic Islands and the Basque have been marked as polluted and issued a 'black flag'.

The flags are assigned based on pollution such as chemical spills, dog poo and any invasive developments. Ecologists in Action have slammed local authorities for not taking good care of their coastal areas – and issued the warning outlining the affected beaches.

Lots of those that have been reported to have black flags are popular with foreign tourists. These include A Calzoa in Vigo, which has been described as "the worst dog beach in Spain".

Plus, Brits on holiday in Cadiz, Spain, may be dissapointed as the beautiful white sand beaches are covered in tonnes of decomposing algae. The invasive species is thought to come from Asia.

Now hoteliers have complained that tourists are cancelling their stays. Right now in the middle of the summer season the area is usually teeming with holidaymakers. This is likely because the algae smells terribly and can even wash dead fish onto the beaches.

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