Top attraction slammed as visitors complain it’s ‘overrun’ with crowds

Italy is home to some of the world’s most incredible historic landmarks. From the Colosseum to Venice’s canals, it’s hardly surprising that so many tourists visit.

However, one of Rome’s top landmarks has attracted a few negative reviews from tourists who said heavy crowds ruined their experience.

Rome’s Spanish Steps were built in the 18th century and have featured in several movies, including Roman Holiday and Talented Mr Ripley.

One tourist ‘Sarah L’ wrote: “Overrun with tourists, avoid! They may be one of the most popular tourist sites in the city but I really don’t see the attraction. It’s overrun by tourists and at the end of the day, it’s ultimately a staircase!”

Another visitor ‘SmLikesto Travel’ said: “The area is very crowded. The steps themselves are nice enough… just that it would have been more enjoyable with fewer crowds.

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“If you are really short on time and want to prioritise where you spend that time in Rome, you can skip this.”

‘Travel_in_fours’ said: “When we reached the Spanish Steps, we were clueless as to what all the fuss was about. They were just steps.”

The Spanish Steps might be “just steps” but there’s a reason why they form one of the world’s most famous staircases. Designed by Francesco de Sanctis, the terraced steps have incredible baroque style detailing and it’s considered Europe’s widest staircase.

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John Keats, the famed English poet, died in a house near the steps in 1821 and there’s a museum on the site today.

Although some tourists were less than impressed with the Spanish Steps, others recommended the experience.

Tripadvisor reviewer ‘soinic’ said: “Iconic landmark. A place you’ll never forget. Very special.”

‘Ving Traveller’ said: “A great free thing to do in Rome. The climb is worth it as the view from the top is awe inspiring.”

Tourists will need to follow the rules if they want to visit Rome’s Spanish Steps. Following damage to the steps, tourists are no longer allowed to sit and relax on the steps.

In 2022, an American tourist sparked rage after she was spotted hurling an electric scooter down the steps. The incident reportedly caused £21,000 worth of damage.

The Spanish Steps aren’t the only crowded Italian hotspot. Tourists will also face heavy crowds at the Vatican while the world’s beautiful village is also overrun in summer.

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