Tinie Tempah spots stained pillow on British Airways seat

Tinie Tempah has branded a recent British Airways experience “f***ing disgusting” after spotting several stains covering his seat and pillow.

The rapper, who was flying in business class with the airline, shared two videos of his experience with his fans on Twitter.

In the first video, the rapper explained that he was wiping down his seat due to coronavirus.

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He said: “I’m wiping down this aircraft now yeah cos coronavirus is real but quick question though BA, why is your things always so dirty man? What’s this about?

“How can a man spend so much money on a ticket and your seats are always so dirty?”

The camera panned to the side of his seat, which was covered in crumbs with several stains on the seat cover.

A second video showed a red wine-stained pillow, which Tinie Tempah said was “f***ing nasty”.

The footage has sparked outrage among the rapper’s fans.

One said: “That is disgusting report it, no wonder viruses are spread throughout the world!”

Another added: “That is disgusting!!”

A British Airways spokesperson told The Independent: “Our customers rightly expect our aircraft to be clean and we insist on very high standards of cleanliness. Our long-haul aircraft receive a thorough clean after every flight.

“This includes the cleaning of seats, seat pockets, tray tables, galleys, toilets, floors and the aircraft interior generally.​”

Thousands of flights around the world have had to be cancelled due to coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Italy has gone on lockdown with the FCO advising all but essential travel to the country

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