TikTok influencer’s viral bikini photo hack gives you ‘fire’ holiday snaps

A TikTok fashion influencer went viral earlier this year after sharing her favourite way to take holiday snaps.

Davina Clarhys, an Instagram star with over 20,000 followers, shared her photo hack to the video sharing site.

The beauty explained that she dons her bikini before taking snaps around the poolside and on sun loungers in the evening.

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While most of us have taken a photo or two while the sun is shining and the water glitters, Davina showed the difference lighting can make to the snaps.

She captioned the video: “This is your sign to take night bikini pictures on holiday!”

Davina showed herself and a friend in their bikinis – one sat by the pool and posed on the ladder in a skimpy black two-piece and shell jewellery.

The other chose a cheeky pink number and stretched her long legs out on a sun bed.

The swimming pool glowed blue and turquoise, lit from within, which the sky pitch black above them.

It added a sexy vibe to the classic bikini snaps – one that will stand out on Instagram too.

Davina’s photoshoot left fans gobsmacked and she noted: “They came out so fireeee!”

The video racked up almost half a million views and hundreds of comments from people who loved the photo hack.

One commenter wrote: “These came out so bomb .”

Another added: “Omg y’all are beautiful!! And what kind of lightning you had because the quality is spectacular.”

A third said: “This is perfection.”

While a fourth exclaimed: “Why have I never thought of this?”

Many others noted that they would try the photo hack on their next holiday.

How do you take your ultimate holiday snaps? Tell us in the comments…


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