This New Guidebook Is the Ultimate Resource for Black Travelers and Their Allies

Book cover for ABC Travel Green Book, Connecting the African Diaspora Globally by Martinique Lewis

As a Black traveler, it can be difficult to find people and experiences that resonate with you when visiting a new city or country. The ABC Travel Green Book, a new guide by Martinique Lewis, will help solve this problem.

Lewis's book takes inspiration from Victor Hugo Green, who created The Negro Motorist Green Book Compendium during the Jim Crow era to help African-American travelers find places such as hotels, gas stations, and restaurants that would serve them in the United States.

Fast-forward almost 60 years, and we now have a book that compiles listings from “restaurants to recreation centers, transportation companies to Black history tours in every city and country in six out of seven continents,” Lewis said in a statement. This will help you find ways to get in touch with the local communities abroad and ensure your safety as you explore the world.

If you're not a traveler of color, this book can also be used by an ally as a resource to support the black community while traveling. Per Lewis, this book is for “Black travelers, Black business owners, Black expats, allies, and travel publications. Allyship is a 365-day thing and these are places they should also be visiting and adding into their itineraries to teach their communities about.”

Officially, The ABC Travel Green Book is set to release on Aug. 23, 2020, but you may purchase the book for pre-order now at For more information from the author, visit

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