The top 40 things that make Brits proud to be British revealed

The top 40 things that make Britons most proud to be British revealed: Fish and chips is No.1, with Harry Potter and the NHS also on the list. So what makes YOU proud to be a Brit?

  • The list was generated by a survey, with fish and chips getting 61% of the vote
  • Also making the list was the Lake District, a cup of tea and Queen Elizabeth II
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The places and things that make Britons most proud to be British have been revealed in a new survey – and it’s the classic treat of fish and chips that takes the top spot.

It garnered 61 per cent of the vote, with the NHS in second place (56 per cent), and Big Ben and Buckingham Palace joint third (50 per cent).

The late HRH Queen Elizabeth II was also chosen by the British public, taking joint fourth place (49 per cent) on the list of what makes Brits most proud to be from Britain.

Also making the list was an old-fashioned Sunday roast with all the trimmings (joint fourth, 49 per cent), the Tower of London (fifth, 47 per cent), the Lake District (sixth, 46 per cent) and a proper cup of British tea (joint seventh, 45 per cent).

Brits also admit that Sir David Attenborough makes them glow with pride (joint seventh, 45 per cent), as does a well-risen Yorkshire pud (eighth, 43 per cent) and the iconic James Bond (ninth, 42 per cent).


1. Fish and chips 61%

2. The NHS 56%

3 = Big Ben 50%

3 = Buckingham Palace 50%

4 = HRH Queen Elizabeth II 49%

4 = A Sunday roast with all the trimmings 49%

5. The Tower of London 47%

6. The Lake District 46%

7 = A proper cup of tea 45%

7 = Sir David Attenborough 45%

8. Yorkshire puddings 43%

9 = Only Fools and Horses 42%

9 = James Bond 42%

10. The British countryside 41%

11. The Royal Family 40%

12 = Bacon sandwiches 39%

12 = Stonehenge 39%

12 = A good fry up 39%

13 = The British seaside 38%

13 = Harry Potter 38%

13 = Afternoon tea 38%

14. The London Eye 37%

15 = Sir Winston Churchill 34%

15 = Football 34%

15 = Strawberries and cream 34%

16 = The local pub 33%

16 = Diana, Princess of Wales 33%

16 = Beans on toast 33%

16 = Red telephone boxes 33%

16 = The armed forces 33%

16 = Mr Bean 33%

17 = The White Cliffs of Dover 32%

17 = Red post boxes 32%

17 = Sausage rolls 32%

17 = Paddington Bear 32%

18 = The Victoria sandwich cake 31%

18 = Shakespeare 31%

19 = The Prince of Wales, William 30%

19= Shepherd’s pie 30%

19 = The Red Arrows 30%

The places and things that make Britons most proud to be British have been revealed in a new survey – and it’s the classic treat of fish and chips that takes the top spot

The list of what makes Britons proud as a nation also includes the British countryside (10th, 41 per cent) come rain or shine, the Royal Family (11th, 40 per cent), a classic bacon sarnie (joint 12th, 39 per cent) and the historic site of Stonehenge in Wiltshire (joint 12th, 39 per cent).

The research, by the doorstep delivery service Milk & More, also reveals that Brits find pride in a fry-up breakfast (joint 12th, 39 per cent), the British seaside (joint 13th, 38 per cent) and the Harry Potter book and film series (joint 13th, 38 per cent).

Other icons of Great Britain that make the nation proud include the London Eye (14th, 37 per cent), Sir Winston Churchill (joint 15th, 34 per cent) and the game of football (joint 15th, 34 per cent).

It’s perhaps no surprise that one in two Britons feel nostalgic when they consider icons of the past that are now lost, from red telephone boxes to traditional hop-on, hop-off double-decker buses.

But not all from yesteryear that was loved has disappeared. Over half (56 per cent) are proud to still have great British traditions from 100 years ago in place today, such as doorstep deliveries from the milkman and a classic afternoon tea.

Forty-four per cent insist that despite any hardships, the British nation has a truly innate ability to ‘keep calm and carry on’, no matter what, with a further 44 per cent insisting that the UK is one of the proudest nations in the world.

The research, by the doorstep delivery service Milk & More, also reveals that Brits find pride in a fry-up breakfast , the British seaside and the Harry Potter book and film series

The research, a Perspectus Global poll of 1,500 people, reveals that over half (51 per cent) insist that the UK has some of the most visit-worthy attractions in the world. And despite international travel resuming, almost half of the nation (48 per cent) are always really pleased to get home to their native Britain after a trip away.

When it comes to what they missed the most? Nothing beats a good cup of tea (48 per cent), brewed and lovingly made in the UK. Thirty-seven per cent admit they can’t wait to enjoy a classic fry-up breakfast, 27 per cent love reacquainting themselves with the taste of fresh British milk and 23 per cent can’t wait to eat an authentic British biscuit.

Forty-six per cent of the Brits polled agree that Britain can be one of the best places in the world to live.

The nation also admits that the best stereotypically British personality traits to have include a dry sense of humour (46 per cent), being polite (38 per cent), sarcasm (38 per cent) and pulling together in a crisis (38 per cent).

Patrick Muller, CEO for Milk & More, which commissioned the research, said: ‘Milk & More’s legacy goes back more than 130 years, to the first doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles. Milkmen and our iconic one-pint, reusable glass bottles, have therefore been a much-loved part of British heritage for generations – along with many other British icons. 

‘We know our customers love the tradition and sustainability of milk deliveries in glass bottles, bottles which are reused on average 28 times. And better still, the research reveals, when it comes to classic British traditions, 52 per cent of the 1,500 Britons polled insist that milk truly does taste better from a glass bottle!’

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