The reason passengers shouldn’t close a plane’s overhead lockers

When passengers board a flight with hand luggage, they can choose to put it in the overhead locker or under the seat in front. However, even if the overhead locker appears to be full, passengers are usually told not to close it themselves.

Rosie Panter, travel expert at dealchecker, said: “It massively slows down the onboarding process if passengers must keep opening the lockers to find space for their belongings.

“Even if an overhead storage locker appears full to an untrained eye, leave it open, there may be room for something small or squishy and the cabin crew will check and ensure they are securely closed before take-off.”

Cabin crew are masters at fitting multiple bags into a small space so passengers should always leave the locker open.

To help maximise space in the lockers, passengers could also keep small items under the seat in front.

In the event the plane’s lockers are full, some passengers will be asked to put their bag in the hold.

If their bag is the correct size for the cabin, they won’t need to pay for this but will need to wait at baggage reclaim.

Cabin crew will also make sure all the overhead cabins are locked so nothing falls out during the flight.

If the lockers aren’t closed correctly, bags could fall out with the potential to injure passengers or attendants.

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Passengers will also need to make sure they can lift their cabin bag above their head before boarding.

Flight attendants won’t be able to help travellers lift their bags so passengers will need to be able to put it in the overhead locker themselves.

Rosie also explained why passengers are asked to help children with their masks after doing their own.

In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the plane’s ceiling for passengers to wear.

Adults are always asked to put their own mask on first before they help children they are travelling with.

Rosie said: “If the oxygen masks drop it means that the cabin may lose pressure and at high altitudes there won’t be enough oxygen in the air to keep you awake and lucid.

“You might have only 30 seconds before getting confused or passing out. You won’t be able to place a mask on a child if you are unconscious.”

Oxygen masks will provide life-saving oxygen for passengers and crew if the cabin’s pressure drops.

Although it’s extremely unlikely to happen, passengers should always watch the safety video to make sure they know what to do.

The masks will usually provide around 10 to 13 minutes of air which should give the pilot time to descend to a lower altitude.

Passengers are also asked to keep the plane’s blinds open during the flight’s descent. A team of experts told why it’s so important.

Another flight attendant recently explained how passengers could improve their chances of getting a free upgrade.

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