The holiday destinations where Brits can ‘bag a bargain’

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Increased prices for package holidays and resorts have put cash-strapped Britons under pressure, according to the Post Office Travel Money’s new report. The team looked at the destinations where Britons’ holiday money will go the furthest.

Best value destinations

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Marmaris, Turkey
  3. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
  4. Mombasa, Kenya
  5. Algarve, Portugal
  6. Hoi An, Vietnam
  7. Kuta, Bali
  8. Tokyo, Japan
  9. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  10. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

According to the research, Cape Town in South Africa was the best value destination for a holiday.

A bottle of beer costs an average of £1.61 in the city while a glass of wine comes to around £3.07.

However, British tourists could face a hefty price for flights if they want to travel to the beautiful South African destination.

Closer to home, Marmaris, one of Turkey’s stunning beach resorts, is the best value destination for holidaying Brits.

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The price of a glass of wine in Marmaris is around £3.74 on average while a three course meal for two with a bottle of house wine comes to £40.39.

However, while the Turkish resort is still one of the best value destinations, prices have more than doubled since last year due to inflationary pressures and a rise in the minimum wage.

Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach was another good value holiday destination but even its prices had risen by 20 percent since last year.

The Algarve was the cheapest Eurozone destination while Mombasa and Hoi An also came in as good value.

Post Office Travel Money’s Ed Dutton said: “Despite the volatility of sterling, it is still possible to bag a bargain with careful planning.

“Check exchange rate movements and the cost of holiday essentials before booking to see where you might get more holiday cash for your pounds but be aware that sterling gains can be cancelled out by big resort price rises as the increase in Turkey proves.”

The team found that British holidaymakers were prepared to raid savings and reduce spending on other purchases to afford a holiday.

Dutton added: “It will pay to be flexible when deciding on a holiday destination. The Egyptian pound and South African rand have been losing ground against sterling recently, while Latin American currencies like the Mexican peso and Costa Rican colon have been surging in value.

“Sterling is also continuing to rise and fall against the euro with no obvious sign of settling into a steady pattern.

“We advise holidaymakers to watch daily exchange rate movements before booking and buy their holiday cash when they see sterling move up against the currency for their chosen destination.”

Antonio Fellino, Managing Director, Travel Republic, said: “Britons are considering their options more carefully and really looking hard at how they get great value from the package they book and the destination they’re travelling to.

“So, it’s not surprising that places like Egypt and Turkey are seeing a significant increase in popularity this year because of the all-round amazing value they offer.”

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