The best country to retire for British expats

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According to research from the financial experts at Penfold, there’s one country that can offer British expats a better quality of life. But where is the best place in the world to retire?

Best countries to retire

  1. Croatia
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. Italy
  5. Greece
  6. France
  7. UAE
  8. Canada
  9. Australia
  10. New Zealand

The team looked at the cost of living, distance from the UK, healthcare costs and visa prices to find the best country to retire.

Croatia was named the best country for expats looking to escape the UK’s dreary weather and retire abroad.

A Penfold spokesperson said: “Croatia tops the list of the best countries to retire in. The top benefit of moving to Croatia in retirement is a much better cost of living, inclusive of rent, when compared to staying put in the UK.

“Croatia scores 28.47 within the Cost of Living Index, compared to the UK’s 46.42, meaning that rent costs and the price of day-to-day living is nearly half of that of living in the UK.

“Croatia also scores highly due to the fact that it only takes an average of 2 hours 5 minutes to get there from the UK, with relatively cheap average flight costs.

“Friends and family can visit with ease, and flying home to visit is also made convenient.

“Additionally, financial worries can be eased if any issues relating to healthcare emerge, and it also has one of the lowest bank balance requirements for those who wish to apply for a visa in order to relocate.”

In Croatia, expats will be able to enjoy coastal city life in destinations such as Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik.

If island life sounds more appealing, Croatia has plenty to choose from with Hvar and Korcula two of the most popular.

Spain is one of the UK’s top holiday destinations and also tops the ranks when it comes to retirement.

The spokesperson said: “Spain is already well known as one of the most popular countries for British expats to retire in.

“While retirees from the UK choose Spain for its laid back lifestyle, hot weather, and beautiful beaches, the climate isn’t the only factor that influences retirees to settle in their golden years.

“With cheap flight costs and a relatively short flight time to get there, Spain is one of the most ideal destinations to retire in.

“Spain also ranks highly in terms of happiness, scoring highly on happiness surveys while also being one of the safest countries in the world to settle in, with a score of 83 out of 100 on the World Safety Index.”

Ireland took the third place in the rankings and as it’s just a short hop from the UK, friends and family will be able to visit with ease.

Italy and Greece were ranked fourth and fifth on the table while the UAE took the sixth spot for expat retirees.

Cyprus, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa and USA landed just outside Penfold’s top 10 rankings.

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