The 10 costly airport mistakes Britons should avoid when travelling – how to save

Heathrow Airport: Chaos as passengers queue at border

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Many Britons may be planning an overseas trip now international borders have reopened. However, experts are warning travellers some airport mistakes could be costing them a lot of money.

Mistakes Britons should avoid when travelling internationally have been named by the experts of ParkSleepFly.

Getting a taxi
While getting a taxi to the airport may be convenient, it’s also the most expensive way to travel.

Britons should pre-book airport transfers or make use of public transport when available.

Forgetting a water bottle
Taking an empty refillable water bottle through security is an easy way to keep cost down.

Most airports have refill stations, and refillable water bottles are also a great way to keep costs down while on holidays.

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A refillable water bottle is not just good for Britons’ wallet, but an easy way to travel greener and help the environment.

Airport parking
Parking at the airport is usually extremely expensive.

To avoid this extra expense, Britons could either travel via public transport or if they really need their cars close to the airport, they can look into park, sleep and fly options, which are usually cheaper alternatives.

Not planning ahead
Britons should allow plenty of time to check in and go through security.

Not planning for airports delays can be a costly mistake.

Missing a flight could cost hundreds if the airline doesn’t offer refunds.

Flying from the most popular airport
Popular airports are sometimes more convenient, but not always.

Looking at flights from less popular airports may save Britons big, with better deals and less crowded check ins and security queues.

Going over the airlines’ weight limit on luggage can be costly.

Britons should weigh their luggage before leaving to avoid additional fees.

Money exchange at the airport
Airports’ kiosks offer the worst exchange rates.

Britons should either buy currency before they get to the airport or wait until they are at their destination to get the best rate.

Direct flights
Adding a layover could extend Britons’ trips and turn one trip into two.

It’s also a great way to save money as flights with layovers are usually less expensive than direct flights.

Buying snacks on the spot
Britons should avoid buying snacks in the air.

Packing their own snacks will save hungry Britons money now that most flights don’t have an automatic meal included in the ticket price.

Low phone battery
Saving tickets on their phones is a habit many Britons have.

However, they don’t want to be caught out with low battery, stopping them from accessing a very important document when they need it.

Charging their phones before a flight should be second nature for travellers.

If they forgot, Britons can also charge at most airports’ phone charging stations.

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