Terrifying videos show daredevils bungee jumping in the DARK

Would you bungee jump in the DARK? Scottish adventure centre offers nighttime bridge leaps for daredevils who fancy ‘falling into the abyss’ (and video footage captures their screams)

  • The night-time bungee experience is run by Highland Fling Bungee in Perthshire
  • People drop around 98ft to 115ft into the pitch darkness in a matter of seconds
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Most people would agree that traditional bungee jumping is a terrifying experience – but one adventure centre has found a way to make it scarier than ever.

Highland Fling Bungee in Perthshire, Scotland, offers a hair-raising night-time bungee jumping experience, with Instagram videos showing daredevils hurtling into pitch-black darkness. 

In some clips, you can hear blood-curdling screams as they disappear into the night. Reacting to one video, commenter ‘ansley’ simply wrote: ‘You couldn’t pay me to do that.’ 

The jump platform, set on Garry Bridge near Killicrankie village, is positioned at a height of 40m (131ft), with people dropping around 30m (98ft) to 35m (115ft) in a matter of seconds.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Operations Manager Laurie Thomas said the element that makes the bungee experience so terrifying is the feeling of ‘falling into the abyss’.

Highland Fling Bungee in Perthshire, Scotland, offers a hair-raising night-time bungee-jumping experience. Instagram videos show daredevils hurtling into pitch-black darkness

People drop around 30m (98ft) to 35m (115ft) in a matter of seconds

A statement from the centre teases: ‘You won’t know where you are going, how far you have fallen, or how far you still have to go.’

Those brave enough have two options. There’s the ‘Blackout Bungee’ experience, which sees people jump off a platform, and there’s the ‘Night Swing’, in which they’re suspended from the air and then dropped into the night. 

Thomas – who has been working with the company since 2012 – says that they introduced the experience to add something ‘different and thrilling’ to the centre’s existing roster of bungee jumps and zip-lining.

Weighing up whether it’s more frightening for people to jump in daylight or the depths of the night, he says: ‘I think being able to see the ground so close in the daytime adds an extra element of fear, however jumping in the dark is completely different. Not knowing what’s beyond the darkness is also thrilling for many people.’

Emotions shown before people jump from the purpose-built, permanent bungee jump platform ‘vary from pure excitement and adrenaline to being terrified of the unknown’. 

Above is the view from Garry Bridge, near Killicrankie village, where the jump platform has been built 

The bungee centre’s operations manager says the late-night jump from the bridge (pictured) feels like ‘falling into the abyss’

The centre recruits extra staff for the nighttime jumps as a safety measure, and the nail-biting night-time experience usually sells out 

Occasionally people back out at the last minute, but it doesn’t happen often.

And after they jump? People feel ‘pure joy’, Thomas says, and they’re often ‘shaking with adrenalin’. He reveals: ‘Sometimes they want to do it again straight away.’

Thrillseekers have fallen head over heels for the experience. Thomas says: ‘As it only operates a few times a year we can usually sell out the experience.’

The jumps, which take place between 6pm and 10pm, are typically run in October and March, as ‘these months provide good conditions without being too cold’, and the centre deploys extra staff for nighttime jumps, for an extra layer of safety.

The ‘Blackout Bungee’ experience costs £94 per person and is available to persons aged over 14. Visit bungeejumpscotland.co.uk

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