Sunny Beach rep vows to bonk 12 women in three weeks – but is sent warning

A Brit who jetted out to a party hotspot as a holiday rep boasted he'd sleep with a dozen women while abroad – but his colleague issued a serious warning.

Jacob, 22, from Blackpool, flew to popular Bulgarian party town Sunny Beach as a party rep, selling tickets to tourists for boat parties and bar crawls.

He met up with best mate Liam who had been doing the job for the last three years.

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Excited to hit out the strip to check out the nightlife, Jacob told E4's Emergency on Sunny Beach he couldn't wait to start.

"Honestly, things in Sunny Beach is absolutely sick, like birds everywhere," he said.

"Reps are known for sh**ging but with the time I'm there, I reckon I will be top sh**ger.

"In the space of three weeks, I will sh*g at least 12 and I think that's quite good. Girls fall at my feet, do you know what I mean?"

While pal Liam was happy to work with his buddy, he was worried about him getting distracted by the buzzing nightlife.

And he wanted to give him a piece of advice working in "paradise".

"The party lifestyle — it's fun, it's sick, it's the best time you'll ever have in your life 100% — but it can impact his work," Liam told the producers, explaining that Jacob only had three hours of sleep the night before.

"If you don't sort yourself out properly, it can be f***ing overwhelming. You know, your mental health starts to take over a bit."

Sharing his personal experience, he admitted the party lifestyle can be "mad" and "draining".

"2019 season, I drank every single day for 12 weeks straight. I had one day off and it was the worst hangover of my life," Liam added.

"It's just constant, hectic, f***ing madness. I actually cried because of how draining this lifestyle was and I had a mad depressive night, sick of this party life.

"I just want to go home, have a nice cooked meal, smiley faces, turkey dinosaurs, beans and Heinz ketchup."


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