‘Strong and Feisty’ Baby Giraffe Born Backstage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort has welcomed a new addition to its animal family.

On Tuesday morning, a female Masai giraffe was born backstage at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Scott Terrell, director of animal and science operations, said in the park's blog.

According to Terrell, the yet-to-be-named giraffe, who weighs in at 156 pounds, is "healthy, actively nursing and was strong and feisty during her neonatal exam."

The baby giraffe has already developed a close bond with her mom Mara, Terrell said. The pair will stay backstage together until the baby meets all her developmental milestones, after which she can join the herd.

This is the second child for Mara, who gave birth to her first calf, Jabari, on Harambe Wildlife Reserve within the park's Kilimanjaro Safaris in 2019.

This births of Jabari and his new baby sister are thanks to the successful pairing of Mara and the calf’s dad, George, through the Species Survival Plan (SSP), which ensures the responsible breeding of endangered species.

Mara's mother, Kenya, is featured prominently in National Geographic’s new Disney+ series, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which premiered on Friday.

The eight-episode series, narrated by Josh Gad, goes behind the scenes of Disney's Animal Kingdom to give viewers an intimate look at the over 5,000 animals that call the park home and the dozens of people who care for them.

The show will feature Animal Kingdom residents like Kenya, elephants Kianga and Mac, Gus the hippo, Dakari the alpha male African lion, Kinsey the alpha lioness, and many more.

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