Spain crime warning as British tourists told to ‘be alert’

Spain is one of the UK’s top tourist destinations but British travellers will need to watch out for a few common crimes in the area.

According to British Government advice, tourists should remain “alert to street crime” while in Spain.

The advice said: “Most visits to Spain are trouble-free, but be alert to street crime. Thieves use distraction techniques, and often work in teams.

“Take care of your passports, money and personal belongings, particularly when collecting or checking in luggage at the airport, and while arranging car hire.

“Do not carry all your valuables in one place. Keep a photocopy or scanned copy of your passport somewhere safe.”

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Street thieves can use a range of techniques to distract tourists while they steal their valuables.

Recently, thieves were filmed spitting on a woman before pretending to aid her while another person stole their luggage.

Pickpockets have also reportedly used a “bird poo scam” to trick tourists while they steal items from their pocket.

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The Government added: “Make sure your accommodation has adequate security. Lock all doors and windows at night, or when out.

“If concerned about the security of your accommodation, speak to your travel operator or the property owner.”

Tourists will also need to look out for Spain’s new low emission zones as they may have to check with local authorities before driving there.

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Despite the warning, the majority of visits to Spain are trouble free but tourists shouldn’t travel with valuables if possible.

Tourists will also need to watch out for some more unusual rules in Spain including drinking laws.

Although Spanish hotspots such as Barcelona have a reputation for pickpocketing, Europe’s worst spot for crime is actually in another popular destination.

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