Ryanair boss admits he’d like to charge passengers to use plane toilets

Ryanair's boss discussed controversial plans to charge for using toilets on his aircrafts in an unearthed video.

A clip of Michael O’Leary being grilled on RTÉ One's The Late Late Show back in 2012 has resurfaced and gone viral on TikTok, with the video racking up more than 2million views since it was uploaded this week.

To begin, the presenter asks him: "Did you really want to charge to use toilets on Ryanair planes?"

Michael replies: "Yes, but not because I want the money – we give the money away to charity. I want to get rid of the two toilets at the back of the planes so I can add six extra seats.

"With six extra seats I can lower everyone’s airfare for by another 5%, all year round."

TikTok users were divided by his comments though.

One wrote: "He’s 100% correct… everyone looks at price first."

But another joked: "My bladder could never."

The interviewer then carried o asking O’Leary about further rumours.

He probed: "Did you want to make some passengers stand up on planes to fit more people in. How safe is that?"

"Very safe," the airline boss replied, before adding: "Funnily enough, what we wanted to do was take out the last ten rows of seats.

"We’d have a standing cabin and a seated cabin. The seats would be 25 euros and the standing cabin would be one euro. I guarantee you we will fill the standing cabin first."

The thought of a one euro flight clearly got some TikTok users excited, as one described it as a 'genius' move.

Another person added: “I’d be taking the standing every time for a one euro ticket.”

“Honestly, making travel more accessible is amazing,” a third person said.

However, not everyone was excited by the proposal.

One person wrote: “Imagine standing up for 2 hours just to save 20 quid.”

“I would literally rather spend 200% more and use any other airline rather than Ryanair,” said a second.

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