Queen Elizabeth can ‘relax’ on Royal Yacht – monarch’s favourite way to travel

Queen ‘adored’ the Royal Yacht Britannia says expert

Queen Elizabeth, 94, has travelled by sea, land and air on her many travels as monarch. Unsurprisingly she has fine-tuned her jet-setting preferences over the years. So which is her favourite way to travel?

While the Queen’s personal feelings are kept closely guarded, the royal has previously spoken up about where she feels most relaxed.

The Royal Yacht Britannia was just this place before it went out of service.

Queen Elizabeth once described the ship as the “one place where I can truly relax”.

She had use of the Royal Yacht Britannia from 1954 until it was decommissioned in 1997 due to the expense of running and maintaining it.

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It was designed as a royal residence to entertain guests around the world but also served as a private retreat for the family.

During 44 years in the Royal service, the yacht sailed a whopping one million miles around the world.

One of the Queen’s favourite trips was around the Western Isles of Scotland.

So attached was the monarch to the ship that she shed a tear at its decommissioning.

The Royal Yacht Britannia website described what a usual day for the Queen would be like onboard the ship.

Queen Elizabeth would often wake up at 7:30am for a cup of tea, which she always has without milk and sugar, followed by a breakfast in what was the Sun Lounge.

She would then work on official documents all day, with buffet lunch and coffee breaks in-between.

The evening would then be spent having dinner with the senior members of the Royal household and the Royal family, followed by films, games or puzzles into the evening.

Younger members of the Royal Family have not had the luxury of using the yacht beyond childhood.

However, the Queen has given her grandchildren permission to use the Royal Train.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 38, are currently on a tour of the UK and are using the train to travel.

The locomotive is only used for special occasions.

In fact, when Queen Elizabeth goes to Sandringham for Christmas she has been known to travel on the same train as countless others – only in First Class and away from prying eyes.

Last year she took the Great Northern service from London King’s Cross on December 20.

However, Prince Philip, 99, is not such a fan of train travel.

“I feel like a poached egg. I just can’t breathe on trains,” the Duke of Edinburgh said after a train ride to Vancouver on a 1952 royal tour of Canada.

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