Plane’s inflatable emergency side unfurls in seconds in pilots’ demonstration

When you’re on a passenger plane jetting off on holiday the last thing you want to happen is an emergency landing.

Whether on water or land it’s likely that the large inflatable slides will be released from the plane if you do come down.

The amazing pieces of kit work as both a soft slide for passengers and crew to disembark from the plane safely and as a floating raft in case of a sea landing.

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It’s one of the reasons passengers are advised not to wear high heels on board – so you don’t puncture the life-saving equipment on the way down.

Thankfully, emergency landings and crashes are so rare that most frequent flyers will never experience one.

But, that also means most of us never get to see what the emergency gear looks like.

However, recently a TikTok creator who works for an airline shared a video to the content site showing what the slides look like when unfurled.

In the clip, the door to a Delta Airlines plane was thrown open.

The silver slide began as a tightly folded wad of material, but once it was launched out of the plane door it began to grow.

In just seconds, the silver slide inflated before popping open dramatically to form a straight slide.

People are clearly curious about the inner workings of passenger planes as the video went viral.

Over 3.2million people liked the video from @pilots_gifts, and thousands commented on it.

One airline worker joked: “20 seconds to open one hour to fold back.”

“Excellent,” praised another poster.

A third commenter added: “Pretty impressive that this saves lives!”

Some were confused at how long the slide took to inflate though.

One person noted: “I thought they filled faster than that.”

“Man I would’ve died by then you gotta make it FASTER,” exclaimed another.


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