Pilot shares trick to help passengers avoid missing their departure times

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Have you ever missed any flight information before?

A pilot reckons they've got a handy trick which will help passengers avoid any holiday chaos.

The flight worker revealed the key piece of advice for travellers who often wait around for their flights at the airport on Reddit.

When hanging around before a trip, most people can be tempted into putting their headphones on with loud music.

But sometimes this can cause the person to miss out on any important updates about their flights.

The pilot suggests leaving one ear open or turning down the volume considerably to avoid any trouble with misinformation.

Writing on the open forum, the staff member said: "People have missed their flights because they had their music turned up too high to hear the boarding announcements.

"Consider leaving one ear open when wearing headphones at the airport, or turning down the volume considerably."

During the pandemic, people will find that their travel experience has changed slightly.

TUI issued advice to its customers, saying: "Leave extra time. Social distancing measures could mean that it takes longer to get through airport security checks and board the aircraft, so please leave plenty of time."

Travellers who arrive at the airport without leaving anytime could risk missing their flights.

The travel firm also advises customers to use online check-in and apps where possible to minimise contact with staff as much as possible.

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