People reveal the most overrated places they've visited in the world

San Francisco ‘smells like p***’ and London is full of ‘pretentious a**holes’: People reveal the most overrated places they’ve visited around the world

  • One traveller described Times Square in New York at New Year’s as ‘miserable’
  • Another traveller said that they found London was full of ‘pretentious ‘a**holes’ 
  • While one said that Bruges ‘was pretty’ but that ‘there was nothing to do there’  

San Francisco ‘smells like p***’, Dubai is nothing but a massive burden on the wallet and Paris is clogged with fumes.

That’s according to a lively debate on an online forum. 

Travellers taking part been discussing the places they’ve visited that don’t live up to the hype, with ‘pretentious’ London and ‘miserable’ Times Square also in the firing line.

Travellers have been discussing the most overrated places they’ve visited. One said that San Francisco, pictured, ‘smells like p***’ 

The discussion started on U.S-based site Reddit after one user, ‘u/_CAD3’, posed the question: ‘What is the most overrated place in the world?’ 

Redditors were quick to name places in the United States.

User ‘the_willow_witch’ wrote: ‘Los Angeles. It smells like pee and it takes two hours to get anywhere. It’s also extremely hot all the time.’

While ‘Giant_Anteraters added: ‘I went to LA for vacation last winter, and somehow, I had this impression that the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” meant that it would be a hotspot for celebrities to hang out and “walk” down the boulevard.

‘So I specifically went to the Walk of Fame to see if I could find some celebrities. And yep, the only people I spotted were strangers handing out CDs.’

Another Californian city, San Francisco, was named as overrated by ‘shesagoatgirl’, who explained: ‘It’s super expensive to live, streets smell like p***, high taxes, terrible traffic.’

One Redditor said they were left feeling miserable after visiting Times Square on New Year’s Eve 

One Redditor, ‘eDgAR’, called out Times Square, saying it was especially overrated on New Year’s Eve.

He said: ‘Went there a few years with my girlfriend, her brother, and his girlfriend.

‘It was miserable. We ended up leaving and watching the countdown on TV at a Korean BBQ place and the four of us felt that was a much better experience.’

While AngeryOhioan agreed, saying: ‘It’s like physically being in a sketchy website without an adblocker.’

Moving over to the Middle East, ‘Cody_Garbrandt’ berated Dubai saying that it’s ‘so expensive’.

Some Redditors berated Dubai for being ‘expensive’ and having ‘f***ing sand everywhere’ 

And ‘Btafoh5’ also named Dubai as overrated, adding: ‘And… It’s the f***ing desert! Nothing but expensive cars, hotels and f***ing sand everywhere.’

When it came to European destinations, ‘scenesequel’ named the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen as overrated, saying: ‘Tourists stampede out there in droves to see it, and most leave disappointed, saying things like, “It’s just a small copper sculpture on a rock in the harbor”.’

While ‘RayaaSaphyre’ said: ‘Paris? City of love my a**! I’m French and I don’t understand that Paris hype. It’s grey, polluted and people living there are a**holes. WTF?’

For ‘Yargle_of_Uborg’, Bruges is not impressive: ‘It’s pretty, but there’s so little to do there.’

One traveller was not impressed by Bruges, pictured, saying it’s pretty ‘but there’s so little to do there’ 

‘ChrisJamesCostello’ berated London, saying: ‘It is full of pretentious a**holes who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.’

And ‘Happy_goth_pirate lambasted the English seaside resort of Blackpool.

They explained: ‘It’s a right of passage that every Brit goes there at some point and it’s s***. Everyone knows it’s s***. 

‘But nostalgia is a hell of a drug and you forget just how s*** it is, until you go back and go “oh yeah, this place is s***”. And y’know what, you yearn for that s*** a year later.’

While ‘backrowmetronome’ simply added: ‘Everything is overrated and it’s better just to stay home.’ 

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