New Study Highlights Travelers’ Concerns During COVID-19 Pandemic

A new study highlighted how travelers are reacting, reengaging and redefining their values during a time of coronavirus-related uncertainty, including the rise of “travel shaming.”

According to Ketchum senior vice president Bettina Garibaldi, the Transforming Travelers study surveyed close to 4,000 Americans to gauge how tourists feel, think and plan travel in the age of COVID-19.

The study found that 93 percent of respondents said the ongoing coronavirus outbreak impacted where they will travel, what hotels and airlines they will choose and the businesses they use to plan their vacations.

Another 76 percent of Americans expect to travel more in the next year and 80 percent revealed they would be willing to pay more for their trip to ensure privacy, social distancing and cleanliness protocols.

While travelers are focused on the changes being made by companies, 87 percent said they were more concerned about how their fellow travelers follow health guidelines. Two-thirds of respondents also expect to judge others for traveling before they themselves think it is safe.

As a result of the possible hostility, around 50 percent of tourists expected to censor their social media posts to avoid being travel shamed.

Americans getting ready to hit the road are also more likely to do it with their friends and family.

The study found that 57 percent of people are more likely to travel with friends, while 64 percent said COVID-19 has made traveling with their children more likely.

Travelers have also changed their openness to reengage when talking about returning to their pre-coronavirus travel activities and redefined their values in response to the pandemic.

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