New online tool helps you only pack the essentials for travel

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And a quarter have had to take items out of their hold luggage and squeeze them into their hand luggage, while 21 percent have had to check oversized hand luggage into the hold.

But premium luggage brand Antler, which commissioned the research, have come up with a solution to the problem of overpacking – with a handy new tool that helps you sort out what really are the essentials to pack.

The ultimate packing assistant will ensure you can fit everything you need into aeroplane-friendly hand-luggage, avoiding any missing suitcase fears or waiting times at the other end.

Simply select your destination – the nearest city in the UK or abroad – from the drop-down menu, and then choose your duration, up to 14 days.

The study found that top reasons for only travelling with hand luggage included avoiding waiting for luggage at the other end (21 percent), saving money (20 percent), and ensuring bags don’t go missing (20 percent).

It also emerged that just one in five (20 percent) have been caught out on a trip before by underpacking.

And the fold or roll debate was settled once and for all, with 46 percent typically folding and just 22 percent rolling their clothes.

Antler’s spokesman said: “Packing for different trips can be tricky at the best of times – but after a couple of years with a lack of travel, it’s likely to overwhelm travellers even more than usual.

“Whether it’s planning for various temperatures, pairing accessories with clothes, or not forgetting the essentials, there is a lot to remember.

“The tool is a fun and interactive way to help plan and pack for your next trip, from an active winter holiday to a relaxing location – especially during the Christmas holidays where the weather has changed at home but perhaps not yet abroad.

“The research shows that adults do struggle when it comes to packing, especially over-packing, but as a nation we‘re quite organised with planning ahead.”

The study also found travellers typically only take hand luggage when going away for a long weekend (32 percent), an overnight stay (48 percent), and a work trip (30 percent).

And despite 44 percent trying to only take essentials with them, 38 percent would rather take as much as they can fit into their case – even if they don’t end up wearing or using it all.

The most overpacked items were t-shirts (26 percent), socks (20 percent), and pants (17 percent).

Other goods which sometimes don’t even get used were pieces of jewellery (14 percent), make-up (12 percent), and a hairdryer (10 percent).

It also emerged that one in four (24 percent) are not confident in knowing what size case they can carry-on a plane – and over a third (35 percent) have had their luggage go missing.

Travellers typically pack their case four days in advance of a flight, with the task taking an average of 47 minutes.

Prior to packing, 53 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, have written a checklist, while 19 percent have viewed online videos with tips, and 18 percent have even created a spreadsheet.

But despite planning ahead, the most forgotten items included toothbrushes (13 percent), phone chargers (11 percent), and sun-cream (10 percent).

The spokesman for Antler added: “It’s great to see so many people are organised with a checklist and packing so far in advance.

“Heading away is almost always something to look forward to, but the packing itself often isn’t, so we’re in the market to change that. We want to make the task of getting there more of a pleasure.”

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