‘My bag was taken off Ryanair flight by mistake – I still don’t have it back’

Becky Chapman has spent the past two weeks desperately trying to track down her suitcase, which contains her children’s clothes, after it was confiscated from a Ryanair flight.

Despite paying for checked luggage and the bag containing nothing suspicious, it was taken out of the hold and left in Spain while Becky flew back home. She claims a Ryanair worker mistakenly checked in the bag under the wrong name, leading baggage handlers to keep it despite her explanations.

After persistent efforts by Becky and contact from the Mirror, the budget airline finally located the bag, although it has not yet been returned to her home in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, despite assurances from Ryanair.

Becky told the Mirror: “The service and humiliation I have received from Ryanair is utterly disgusting. Ryanair stated there is nothing they can do, and I should have informed the arrival airport about the missing luggage.”

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Becky and her family had enjoyed a lovely time in Gerona, Spain, aside from some unforeseen circumstances that resulted in two members of their party having to return home early. When they arrived at the airport to fly back to the UK, the check-in agent questioned why they had booked five checked-luggage spots but only had three bags. The family explained that two people had already departed.

She said: “Everything was fine until we boarded the plane. Just as we were about to leave, luggage staff boarded and asked if a passenger was on board who wasn’t – it was someone from our group who had flown home early.

“They then announced that their luggage would be removed from the plane because the person wasn’t on board. That luggage was mine, containing all of my children’s belongings. I tried repeatedly to explain to the crew that it was my suitcase, but they confiscated it, insisting it didn’t belong to me.”

Reluctant to miss her flight and with her children already on board, Becky flew back to Stansted.

She added: “Since returning home, I have contacted Ryanair, and they have admitted it was their mistake – the wrong labels should never have been placed on that suitcase because the name of the person assigned to it was not present or checked in. I have sent numerous emails and made phone calls, but to no avail. It is their mistake, and I simply want my bag back.”

After waiting nearly two weeks for any updates on her bag’s location, Ryanair located the luggage following the Mirror’s intervention.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: “This passenger’s bag was removed from the Gerona to London Stansted flight (13 Jul) after the check-in agent at Gerona Airport mistakenly assigned it to another passenger on the same booking who did not travel on this flight.

“Ryanair has arranged for this bag to be expedited to London for immediate delivery to the passenger tonight (25 Jul). Ryanair sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by this delay.”

The Mirror reported at the time of writing Becky’s bag had not yet been returned.

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