Mum praised for using ‘right way’ to switch plane seats with another passenger

A mum has been getting praise on TikTok for the way she convinced a fellow plane passenger to switch seats with her on a recent flight.

In recent months, the subject of switching seats has been controversial, with one man causing a debate when he refused to switch with a mum and baby, while one woman exacted revenge on a man who didn't want to move for her family.

But mum Annalyn Cook had success on a recent flight when she wasn't able to book seats with her kids – and people are on board with her tactics.

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The parent took to TikTok (@annalyncook) to share her experience during a recent flight.

Talking to the camera, she explained: "When we booked this flight, it wouldn't let us select our seats for some reason, so our family wasn't sitting together.

"When we got here to the gate, we tried to – we went to the gate and we tried to see if they could move us around, but they couldn't, so we're going to ask the person who's sitting in this seat if they want to switch with me."

She then showed the seat she was after – a middle seat between her children which she admitted was "pretty tight". The seat she currently had? A seat with "lots more legroom".

She explained that when the passenger who had booked the coveted seat arrived, he began putting his bags away but she claims 'you could see in his face' that he wasn't particularly excited at the prospect of sitting amongst children.

She said: "And I was like, 'Hey do you want to switch seats?' and I showed him, this is my seat, it has more legroom, and he was like 'Yeah!'. He was so down. So everybody wins!"

She added in the caption: "I would never ask anyone to switch seats unless I could offer them a better option. If they didn’t want to, I’d happily except that. Also – we ALWAYS pay extra to select our seats if we have the option. But sometimes things happen and it doesn’t work out. This guy was so nice and it was a win/win."

People instantly praised her for offering an incentive to switch, with a seat that had more legroom, rather than asking those in the extra legroom to switch with her children.

One commenter wrote: "See this is awesome because you're giving up the better seat to be with your kids and this is the right way to do it".

"And THAT is how you get people to switch seats," another added.

For others, the mum had followed unwritten rules of etiquette.

One person said: "See, for switching seats the basic rule is, equal or better, most people will agree."

Another agreed, arguing that you'd get a better chance of success. They explained: "People are always going to be willing to accommodate you to trade up , as long as you’re not asking them to trade down."

Would you switch seats so a family can sit together? Let us know in the comments below.


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