Meghan Markle became ‘campervan’ girl on holiday

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The glamorous Duchess went on quite a few luxurious holidays before marrying into the Royal Family. However, she’s no stranger to more rustic trips.

Before her wedding, Meghan regularly shared updates about her life on her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

She shared that on one ‘beautiful’ holiday in New Zealand, she travelled and stayed in a campervan.

Meghan spent two weeks in New Zealand and decided to use a campervan on advice from a friend.

At first the Duchess was a little apprehensive about the mode of travel and wondered if it would suit her.

She wrote: “When my castmate and friend, Gabriel Macht, suggested that I campervan through New Zealand, I paused ever so slightly.

“Thinking ‘Could I campervan? Should I campervan? Am I a campervanning girl?’ before saying yes.

“Which quickly evolved into a resounding yes.”

New Zealand is known for its incredible natural beauty and campervanning is a popular way to explore the country.

Meghan added: “This would be an ode to the road trips I took with my dad, the years of being a girl scout under the helm of my mum as troop leader, and my gravitational pull towards what it said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

“Turns out it really is. With a landscape that ranges from stunning lakes, welcoming wine country, glaciers, forest, farmland and beaches, New Zealand is undoubtedly spectacular.”

The Duchess used her two weeks to the fullest and travelled to many of the country’s top destinations.

She visited Queenstown, Lake Wanaka, Franz Josef Glacier, Marlborough, Kaikoura and Akroa and Waiheke.

A 12km long glacier, the Franz Josef Glacier, is a favourite spot with adrenaline junkies who enjoy ice climbing there.

Marlborough is famous for its winemaking industry and tourists can sample its renowned Sauvignon Blanc.

Meghan took a 30 minute ferry ride to the island of Waiheke to end her trip and rented a vacation home on the beach.

She even managed to catch some live clams to cook into a delicious meal as a farewell dinner.

Meghan wrote: “My inadvertent catch of the day was quickly cooked into linguine with fresh parsley and white wine sauce for a perfect farewell dinner to beautiful New Zealand.”

But that wasn’t the Duchess’s last visit to New Zealand and she returned to the country with Prince Harry in 2018.

The married couple also toured Australia as part of their official visit and spoke to fans of the Royal Family.

The Queen’s representative in New Zealand even said that the couple considered moving to New Zealand after stepping back from royal duties.

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