Liverpool Eurovision stays skyrocket with one house listed for £15k a night

Eurovision tickets are now on sale and plenty of fans of all things cheesy will be hoping to get their hands on one.

Whether you opt for one of the cheaper tickets or hope to watch the final in all its glory you’ll need somewhere to stay unless you’re a Liverpudlian.

Unfortunately, it seems the tickets – which cost up to £380 – won’t be the most expensive part of your night.

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Neither will be any ABBA-style flamboyant costumes you bag for the big day.

Hotels are hiking their prices to sky high levels ahead of Eurovision – with some charging as much as £5000, reports a travel expert.

The Daily Mirror even spotted a house near the airport for an enormous £15,833 a night from May 13 to 14, despite being a two-bed and sleeping up to five people.

Meanwhile a holiday flat in the city is being advertised for £10,000 on May 13 too.

The event will take place on May 9, 11 and 13 this year.

Meanwhile, on Airbnb homes aren’t quite as astronomical but there are 18 properties charging between £900 and £1,181 for the night of Eurovision’s final.

One flat is even charging a massive £2,465 on May 13.

Hotels are following suit with prices soaring – which isn't unusual when a big event hits a city and demand climbs.

Over on, the lowest price room we found for the Eurovision final was The Adelphi Hotel charging £739.

Those hoping to book a cheap Travelodge may be out of luck too as the central Liverpool Central Travelodge, Travelodge Liverpool Central The Strand and Liverpool Central Exchange Street Travelodge are all sold out on May 13.

The closest option available is Bromborough Travelodge which is 4.2miles away from the city with rooms from £219. *

Sebastien Texier, a travel expert at Hopper says: “Eurovision coming to the UK is a once in a generation opportunity and eager Brits and die-hard fans across the world not only want a front row seat to the Liverpudlian party, but a place to stay in the northern hotspot.

"Demand for hotels in and around Liverpool has reached frenzy levels with our data showing prices at over £5000 for just a single night over Eurovision weekend.

“It looks like Eurovision euphoria could even steal King Charles’ crown in May as demand for hotels in Liverpool reaches record levels over the capital.

"Given this level of demand, it’s important that eager Eurovision fans don’t get caught out if hotels take more bookings than the number of rooms they have available.

"Certain travel apps provide overbooking guarantees that protect holiday-goers and allow users to rebook at a new hotel or receive a complete refund if places are overbooked.”

To book hotels in Liverpool with an overbooking guarantee, download the Hopper app.

*All prices and availability was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change at any time.


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