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  • Last-minute flight and holiday deals
  • When is the cheapest day to book a flight or holiday?
  • When is the cheapest time to fly?
  • How to avoid additional fees on your last minute holiday
  • Most people plan their holidays far in advance, and doing so can be a nifty way to make some savings. However, whether you thrive on spontaneity or suddenly have some free time to fill, booking at the last minute can save you hundreds.

    Big-name airlines and holiday providers often add discounts on last-minute holidays and flights they need to fill spaces on, and there are also dedicated websites out there to help you search for cheap, last-minute deals.

    Some of the best easyJet deals, latest Jet2 sales and cheapest British Airways deals include last-minute flights and holidays for those leaving things down to the wire.

    If you’re looking for tips on where or how to snag the best last-minute deals, scroll down to read out top tips and recommendations, or click on the links to jump to the relevant section.

    Last-minute flight and holiday deals

    If you’re looking to bag a last-minute flight or holiday, you can either go down the route of using a price comparison website to compare options. Or, you can use a dedicated online travel agent, such as, which specialises in last-minute trips.

    These last-minute deals are often far cheaper than other holidays and can see you jetting off for less than £200 per person. 

    Many big-name airlines and package holiday provider offer their own last-minute deals on flights and holidays with some incredible discounts. But you’ll have to act fast to snap up the best deals!

    At the time of writing, you can jet off in June with easyJet holidays on a self-catering city break to Krakow, Poland for 175pp.  Meanwhile, TUI is offering two holidaymakers a self-catering break in Kavos, Greece for £186pp. But, as you might expect from last-minute deals, these trips won’t be around for long!

    • Book a last-minute flight or package holiday with Jet2 and Jet2holidays

    • Search for last-minute flight and package holiday deals with easyJet and easyJet holidays

    • Find last-minute flight and holiday deals with British Airways 

    • Look for last-minute and late deals on flights and holidays with TUI
    • Find cheap last-minute flights and holidays with Virgin Atlantic Holidays

    Search and find last-minute flights and holidays with Jet2 Book Now

    Search for and find the best deal on last-minute package holidays and flights with Jet2 and Jet2holidays.

    Search and find last-minute flights and holidays with easyJet Book Now

    easyJet and easyJet holidays have an array of last-minute holidays and flights, search their latest deals today.

    Search and find last-minute flights and holidays with TUI Book Now

    Late deals and last-minute holidays are on offer from TUI for under £200pp. Search their latest deals now.

    Search and find last-minute flights and holidays with British Airways Book Now

    Search for and find the best deal on last-minute flights or package holidays with British Airways.

    Search and find last-minute flights and holidays with Virgin Atlantic Book Now

    Last-minute flights and holidays are available with Virgin Atlantic holidays. Visit their website to search for the best deals now.

    Alternatively, if you want to search and compare prices with an online travel agent, there are plenty offering last-minute flight and holiday deals including:

    • TravelSupermarket

    • Skyscanner
    • FirstChoice
    • OnTheBeach

    • LoveHolidays

    Online travel agents, such as, not only offer late deals but also often host flash sales which dramatically slash the price of holidays throughout the year. At the time of writing, is offering holidaymakers the chance to jet off on a package holiday to Tenerife from £199pp. Or Skyscanner has found direct return flights between Paphos and London with Ryanair from just £84pp for those jetting off in June.

    But once again, if you are hoping to bag a cheap last-minute deal, you’ll need to be quick!

    All prices are correct at the time of writing (May 2023) but are subject to change. 

    Search for a last-minute or late deal with Travel Supermarket Book Now

    Compare late deals on package holidays and flights with Travel Supermarket today.

    Find a last-minute flight or holiday with Book Now

    Search for last-minute flights and holidays on or find the best savings in one of their flash sales.

    Compare prices for last-minute flights with Skyscanner Book Now

    Compare prices and find the cheapest deal on your next flight with Skyscanner.

    Search and compare prices on a last-minute holiday with First Choice Book Now

    Looking for a last-minute package holiday deal? First Choice has a selection of holiday options on their website. Search and compare prices today!

    When is the cheapest day to book a flight or holiday?

    Finding the best price on a flight or holiday could be down to the day you choose to book your flight according to research by Skyscanner. Though booking on a certain day isn’t a completely foolproof way to get the best prices, there is some evidence to suggest it could help.

    By analysing three years’ worth of Skyscanner booking data, the travel comparison website found that there could be some booking hacks worth knowing. Although mid-week has long been touted as one of the best days to fly and save money, Skyscanner found that booking on a Wednesday could end up costing you around four percent more than if you wait until the end of the week and book on a Sunday.

    On a £500 flight, this adds up to £25, which may not seem like a lot for cheaper tickets, but could add up on group bookings.

    However, Skyscanner did also note that waiting until the last minute might not be your best bet, with airlines often ramping up the prices in the days before departure.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper, last-minute trip, it’s well worth browsing the last-minute deals on offer rather than specific dates. Flexibility with when you travel and for how long is often the key to bagging a bargain holiday.

    When is the cheapest time to fly?

    Though mid-week has often been hailed as the cheapest time to fly, according to Skyscanner, the trend is changing. Based on their research, the cheapest time of fly from the UK is typically a Friday.

    And, by comparison, if you’re getting off from the UK, booking to fly on a Sunday could end up costing you more.

    However, if you’re on the hunt for deals, being open to flying on any date is the best way to snap up savings.

    By their very nature, last-minute deals tend to be a quick turnaround and can pop up on any day, so the more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll be to find a great deal. 

    How to avoid additional fees on your last minute holiday

    Even if you’ve managed to secure a cheap deal on your last-minute holiday, unexpected fees at the airport could tip you over budget if you’re not prepared. Most airlines and package holiday providers will notify you of exactly what is included in your fare, however there are certain elements that might come at an additional cost.

    Avoid excess luggage fees

    One thing which holidaymakers often find themselves lamenting over is excess luggage charges. How much luggage you are allowed will depend on the rules specified by your chosen carrier.

    For short-haul airlines, hand luggage rules vary and hold luggage typically comes at an extra cost. This varies slightly for those who have booked package holidays, such as with Jet2 or easyJet, where one item of hold luggage may be included.

    The majority of long-haul operators tend to allow passengers an item of hand luggage, as well as a hold item to be checked, but this does depend on your ticket type.

    Along with checking your luggage allowance, you should also make sure your bags don’t exceed the weight or size, as this can incur an often sizeable fee at the airport.

    If you’ve already planned a trip, our guide to the best easyJet luggage hacks, Jet2 baggage packing hacks and Ryanair luggage rules can help to save some extra pennies.

    Get the best price on room upgrades

    Typically, package holiday deals will increase in price if you’re hoping to upgrade your hotel room. To book room upgrades, you’ll need to research the options available from whichever provider you book with and what additional price is associated.

    A little bit of added luxury is likely to come with a price, but there are deals to be had.

    Some package holiday providers who offer luxury holiday deals include:

    • Indulgent Escapes by Jet2holidays

    • British Airways luxury holidays

    • TUI luxury holidays

    • Ultimate Travel Club

    • Secret Escapes luxury holidays

    Save money on seat selection

    If you’re jetting off with the family and have hopes of sitting together, you could be looking at an additional fee to secure the seats you want. Although some airlines, such as British Airways, allow passengers to select their seats when checking-in online in the 24 hours before departure.

    If your airline does allow seat selection for free, it’s worth checking in as soon as possible to ensure you get seats together.

    Even if your airline has the option for paid seat selection, in many cases, so long as there is availability, airlines will seat groups together. The only major exception to this rule is for those travelling with Ryanair. Passengers will often need to pay in order to sit together.

    Before jetting off it’s best to read up on your airline’s seat reservation rules to decide whether it is worth shelling out for seat selection, or if you’re happy to take the risk and save some cash.

    You can find out the seat selection and reservation rules of airlines by visiting their websites:

    • easyJet seat selection and reservation rules
    • Jet2 seat selection and reservation rules
    • British Airways seat selection and reservation rules

    • TUI seat selection and reservation rules
    • Virgin Atlantic seat selection and reservation rules

    • Ryanair seat selection and reservation rules

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