Jet2 pokes fun at just how much Jess Glynne’s song is played on flights

Jet2 holidays has poked fun at its own overuse of Jess Glynne’s song “Hold My Hand” during flights.

Brits have been complaining for months online about the airline playing the torturous tune while passengers await take off and to disembark.

When delays occur, it seems holidaymakers don’t all appreciate repeated exposure to the ear worm tune telling them to “hold my hand”.

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In fact, hundreds have spoken up about how annoying they find the song after being held hostage listening to it before a flight.

Over on Twitter, one poster, Emmy, wrote: “Hey guys do they actually just play Jess Glynne nonstop on Jet2 flights bc we've heard this song like four times already & we haven't even taken off – I’m scared.”

Another replied: “When you take off they stop it, but it is hell while u sit on the tarmac/are waiting to get off after landing.”

Another posted: “The red colour you see […] in the aircraft cabin is actually caused by everyone’s ears bleeding from still having to listen to that bloody Jess Glynne song over and over..”

A third joked: “The year is 2065, Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne is still being used on Jet2 adverts.”

While a fourth exclaimed: “I’ve travelled on holiday with Jet2 and it is a joke how many times they’ve played Jess Glynne Hold My Hand. Eight times on the flight over.”

Jess Glynne’s tune also plays during Jet2 adverts and it seems the airline isn’t blind to the annoyance the song causes to passengers.

Spotify released its Wrapped 2022 data last week – which tells you what songs and artists you’ve listed to most throughout the year.

And, over on Twitter, Jet2tweets shared a screen shot of its apparent top song – Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand.

It claimed to have 70 streams and Jet2 simply captioned it with an emoji of a pair of eyes.

We’re sure the worker behind the tweet was giggling as they shared it.

In the replies, one Brit commented: “I said to a friend that I was fed up of hearing that song. She said that I probably had too many holidays!”

Another laughed: “Time for a new tune guys!”

Even Jess Glynne herself has responded to the fury over the song.

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She told Kat Shoob from The Official Vodafone Big Top 40: “I’m gonna just say to Jet2 and to everybody out there, look – I didn’t make them do it like that.

“I agreed to, you know, let them have my song and, you know, I apologise if it annoys you!

“Thing is I understand though, when you hear something over and over again and apparently they play it like seven times before they take off so… You know, it’s a lot!”

Do you wish Jet2 would change their flight song? Tell us in the comments…


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