Jade Thirlwall catches fellow flyer stretching their bare feet on plane surface

People get up to all sorts of behaviour on flights that they wouldn’t exhibit on any other form of public transport.

Whether it’s arguing with the flight attendant, bringing bizarre meals on board or trying to join the Mile High club.

And, people taking their shoes off on the plane is more common that you’d think – even celebrities can’t escape the behaviour.

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Little Mix superstar Jade Thirlwall recently shared a video on TikTok showing a fellow passenger breaking all rules of travel nicety.

She showed a woman stretching their legs on the plane – not by walking around, but by pushing her foot upwards vertically to touch the cabin’s ceiling.

The Little Mix singer shared the clip much to her fans disgust.

In the short video, a passenger with bare feet and turquoise nail polish stretched her foot towards the air con vents while the rest of the plane looked on.

The barefoot tourist casually chatted to her seat neighbour as she did so.

The viral video has been viewed millions of times and Jade captioned the shot: "Breathtaking views at 38,000 feet".

In the comments, Jade’s fans were horrified by the behaviour.

One person said: "I would jump right off that flight.”

While another added: “This is why I disinfect everything before sitting."

A third commented: “The fact the person next to them is talking to them like this is a normal occurrence is sending me.”

“As cabin crew, this is my greatest fear though,” laughed an air hostess.

Jade isn’t the only person to witness people using their feet in inappropriate ways on a plane.

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Last week, people were disgusted when a popular TikTok user shared a clip from her flight.

Clara showed the holidaymaker in front of her reach their foot back to slam down the plane’s window.

They then stretched their leg edging their foot closer to the young woman as she groaned.

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