Italy holidays: Italy to allow travel to and from abroad from June – can Britons holiday?

Italy has announced that travel in and out of the country will be allowed from June 3. The Italian government signed a decree today. The country is the fifth-worst hit country by the coronavirus pandemic.


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There are currently 223,885 reported cases of coronavirus in Italy.

There have tragically been 31,610 deaths.

However, Italy is now set to ease its rigid lockdown.

It was the first European country to impose nationwide restrictions in March.

However, on May 4, the lockdown was relaxed slightly as factories and parks were allowed to reopen.

On May 18, shops will be permitted to reopen and movement within individual begins will be permitted.

The relaxing of international travel comes on June 3 due to Italy’s Republic Day holiday on June 2.

The government is looking to prevent any mass travel over the long weekend.

Travel restarting on June 3 will mark a major milestone for Italy’s recovery post-coronavirus.

The country is hoping to reopen the economy after more than two months of lockdown.

Italians will be able to enjoy their summer holidays – typically away from the cities.  

But what about Britons? When can British holidaymakers head to Italy?


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Currently, travel to Italy is possible only “in case of absolute necessity,” explains the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

All travellers arriving in Italy from abroad are obliged to self-isolate for 14 days.

From June 3, though, EU tourists and citizens from Europe’s visa-free Schengen area will be able to visit without going into quarantine – but this does not include the UK.

Therefore it is unclear when Britons will be able to travel.

Currently, the UK government does not allow Britons to travel unless it’s “essential.”

What’s more, anyone returning to the country will have to enter a two week quarantine period.

It is not yet known when these measures will be lifted.

The FCO has not yet updated their travel advice to Italy following the latest news.

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