Italy coronavirus: ‘Fake news’ Italy won’t be admitting tourists until 2021

Italy holidays are not off the table for 2020, it has been reported. Many people became concerned that Italian borders would be closed until 2021 after rumours started circulating on social media. However, the Italian government has not announced any plans to shut borders.


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Readers of expat site The Local in Italy voiced concerns yesterday after claims about the borders surfaced.

Certain Russian media outlets are said to have reported that Italy would be closed to tourists until 2021.

However, the Italian embassy in Moscow on Tuesday denied reports of an alleged statement concerning this by Italy’s culture and tourism minister, Dario Franceschini, reported The Local.

“The matter of Italy closing its state borders has not been discussed,” the embassy stated.

Italy’s borders are not currently closed and there is no ban on foreign visitors.

What’s more, most Italian airports remain open.

However, tough measures to contain the spread of coronavirus have made travel to and from Italy nearly impossible during the pandemic.

When Franceschini was asked about the claims in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, he said: “As is all too obvious, I have never spoken, nor ever thought, of closing the Italian borders to tourists for 2020,” according to local site Il Messaggero.

“I am working on the exact opposite.

“I proposed yesterday at the meeting of tourism ministers of the European Union, a European uniformity of the safety rules with respect to the risk of contagion, allowing the free movement of tourists within the European Union.

“So we’re starting bilateral talks with other countries that have a lot of tourism going to Italy,” he added.

“Unfortunately, it is clear that fake news on closed borders is being circulated, with hostile intentions towards our country.”


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Italy’s National Tourism Agency, Giorgio Palmucci, added: “Tourism in Italy will start again, with caution and maximum safety.  Minister Franceschini did well to clarify that no border closure is foreseen,” according to The Local.

“Those who love Italy must be allowed to return to enjoy it, in compliance with governmental and regional provisions,” he continued.

“This is a delicate phase in which it is essential to defend Italy even when it comes to correct communications.

“Bad information and fake news risk creating serious damage and unjustified alarmism.”

It is still unclear when holidays to Italy will be able to resume.

This depends on when Italy’s government – and the UK’s – decide to relax restrictions.

Hotels in Italy are currently closed. However, according to the latest government decree announced on Sunday, museums may re-open from mid-May and bars and restaurants from June 1.

The UK government currently advises against all but essential travel.

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